Trend Alert: Shacket Fall 2021

So the shacket seems to become more popular for each season that passes, maybe it’s here to stay? Here’s a trend alert on the shacket fall 2021. Find more trend alerts here. 

Shacket Fall 2021

The shacket is a combination of a jacket and shirt, and kind of looks and feels exactly like that. It has a strong resemblance to a more work, country, fashion both in style, pattern and use. The shacket is often done in a plaid pattern, but it’s becoming more common to work it in more neutral styles too. Especially beige and white are becoming popular. It’s characterized by its oversized styled, often with big pockets and slouchy sleeves. 

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How To Style It

I do think the shacket is the kind of clothing piece that works best in its context. I don’t think it works with more glam pieces, nor preppy wear. It’s best done when worked in a more sporty and street style context. I like the idea of working it with some high-waisted flared jeans. Or why not layer it up with a matching turtleneck? Also, just a simple t-shirt and maybe some leather leggings could be stylish. In other words, focus more on how to work the colors and layer, rather than infusing different styles. A really comfy clothing piece that’s perfect when running errands. 

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Street Style

And here’s some street style inspiration for you! I love the idea of matching the flannel jacket with pants. Creates a very simple and cohesive outfit. The blue hues in the second outfit too. Really clever to match your shoes with your jacket. Also love the contrast of the leather pants and the shacket in the third pic. Casual at its best! In the fourth outfit, the balance of the skirt and the jacket is gorgeous. Superb example of how you can make the shacket more elegant. Also love the comfy look of the last outfit, the beanie is adorable with the jacket. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the shacket fall 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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