Trend Alert: Ruffles Spring 2017

Every other blogger and fashion influencer is talking about spring trends these days and ruffles in specific. With a love for the voluminous statement, I of course have to gush about it! Here’s: Ruffles spring 2017!

Ruffles Spring 2017 Chloé Resort | The Fashion Folks

Chloé Resort 2017: Courtsey of Chloé

Ruffles Spring 2017

The statement of ruffles feels like a natural development of the statement sleeves, off the shoulder tops and statement blouse we’ve seen the past year(s). Ruffles works perfectly for adding some volume to a piece and is thereby favorable to add to necklines, hemlines or sleeves. It gives life and movement to clothes without compensating the overall impression. Ruffles are also kind of sophisticated, which is a perfect feature for the preppy style that’s been trending.

Ruffles have mainly been in the version of blouses, like this one. And also been done a lot as statement sleeves, often in sweaters – like this one. A frill hem for the pants or jeans are also growing popular which is a great alternative to the uneven hem. Softer, but still with the touch of statement.

What to think about

When going for ruffles the one thing to keep in mind is: volume. The ruffles are adding volume in one way or another to the outfit which means that some balancing has to be done. Balancing doesn’t necessarily need to be in the context of adding more volume to a counterpart, but keep the volume sane.

If we’re talking about ruffles on the upper body, you can either go for a full hourglass silhouette or a triangle shape. For hourglass, go for a voluminous skirt so the point of the widest parts evens out. For a triangle shape, keep the pants/skirts slim so the silhouette gets more narrow.

Avoid pants or skirts that are neither slim nor flowy but a straight silhouette. It’ll risk that all your curves will disappear. Because what it all comes down to is either letting the ruffles be in center in a toned down way, or let them be in center by a voluminous way. Going for a midtrack risks going square-shaped which one oftens want to avoid. If you are going for a straight bottom piece, mark the waist with a belt.

Ruffles for the lower body comes with the same principles. Either you keep the upper body toned or you go volume too. Avoid pieces that are hitting midway like oversized sweaters that hides all the curves. Try a flowy blouse instead or a top with statement sleeves. If you’re working the ruffles for the hem of the pants. Try to add some height or minimalism to the shoes. Either by heels, or by shoes sans details. This will make the pants look less heavy and keep the outfit more balanced.

Example of a working outfit

I think this outfit is relatable to a lot of us, as it’s simple, stylish and easy to recreate. Even though the pants are more straight than slim, the key behind this look is that the waist is marked by the tucked in blouse. This lets the ruffles get their time in the spotlight, but also keeps the balance on the curvy side by the marked waist. The jeans are simple and details such as bag, shoes and sunnies are kept rather minimal. If one would go full fashionista IG-blogger, the waist could probably been emphasized even further with a belt. Do remember though that rules are meant to be broken and there are countless of exceptions to the balancing of ruffles!

Folks! Hope you enjoyed the post, how will you be rocking the ruffles? Drop a comment as always! Xx

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64 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Ruffles Spring 2017

  1. I’ve loved ruffles always, regardless on trend or not. On a funny or not so funny note: i got rid of most of my ruffled items in the last two years… ha! and now they’re back.

    1. Hahah well, that’s a lesson to remember then. Never get rid of your clothes 😉

    1. They are indeed, I love how many versions they are starting to pop up in! Xx

  2. Because I’m petite, I make sure to pick ruffles that aren’t overwhelming. It’s definitely a trend that I have a love hate relationship with!


    Tamara –

    1. Oh yes, there are some aspects to consider when going for ruffles if petite. They can easily get overwhelming! Xx

  3. I really like the style of the last outfit, as you said it’s very wearable and won’t make me look funny and standout in the crowd. Thank you, you just convinced me to give ruffle a try!

  4. I love a good ruffle, and you’ve mentioned some great tips! Now I’m trying to remember if I actually own anything with ruffles on…

    Anyway, I hope you have a great new week Mia!

    Amber –

  5. I’m not the biggest fan of ruffles but I do really love the outfit example you gave. I wouldn’t normally think to wear something like that but I think the overall styling really helps me to see how it all can come together in a cool way.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  6. What is there not to love about ruffles? Really happy that the trend keeps going strong even this year, since I can’t let go of all my ruffles blouses. And as you mentioned, we really need to take care of the proportion when playing with frills. Have a lovely week! <3


  7. I totally love this trend (well, I love almost every romantic and feminine trend), even if I agree that is pretty challenging sometimes!
    Your tips are super handful and the pics you selected very inspiring, love especially that dress in the first pic!
    Have a great week, hun!

  8. Nice tips, Mia, thank you so much! Your posts are always so informative and useful ♥ I still haven’t found my ruffled statement piece, and it’s just that now they are all over the place I am getting a teeny tiny bit tired of them, but I know I will cave in sooner or later hahaha

    Have a great week, pretty gal!

    Saida | She talks Glam

  9. I haven’t always been into ruffles, maybe because I never know how to style them. This is great inspiration, though! I love the striped ruffle top.

    Kathryn •

  10. I am LOVING the ruffle trend and it’s many forms it’s taken on this season! Like you’ve stated, it adds a nice touch of sophistication, as well as femininity, which is what I love most. Aside from the fact that they’re so versatile! There are so many different options to choose from, making styling and adapting them to one’s personal style that much easier and relatable. I couldn’t agree more with all the suggestions and tips you’ve given on creating a more flattering and well proportioned look when working with them. When this is ignored, not only does it overwhelm one’s shape and frame, I feel it takes away from the beauty of the ruffle detail and you’re left just staring at a ton of fabric, no bueno, haha! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous girlie, and I hope you’re having a great start to your Monday so far!



  11. Oh yes you totally got me here: I LOVE ruffles ♥
    It doesn’t matter if its a shirt or a dress or skirt – the yare just the perfect detail to nearly every piece 🙂 Hope this trend will last a bit longer 😉

    xxx and have a great week babe ♥

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