Trend Alert: Puffy Blouses Winter 2019

Going strong with these trend alerts on Mondays, no? This week is all about the puffy blouses 2019. You know, those voluminous blouses in distinct colors and prints, often done in a crop top style? Well, that style of fashion is still a trend to count on, following the development of the 1980s trends. The puffy blouses adds a spacious vibe to any outfit with the puffy sleeves and the, often, sheer or silky fabric. They’re not the easiest to style, but I’m gonna try and to my best and break some tips down in this article. Here’s a trend alert on the puffy blouses winter 2019:

Puffy Blouses Winter 2019
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Puffy Blouses Winter 2019

The puffy blouses are very much indeed a contemporary reflection of the 1980s fashion. The crop top style of the puffy blouses is commonly paired with matching high waisted pants, creating a fashion set. The sleeves are often voluminous or exaggerated in one way or another, often done as ham sleeves. Sheer fabrics or silky ones are common choices for material. Polka dots, stripes, florals and animal prints have also been popular to do for the puffy style. The 1980s blazers with shoulders pads have been popular to pair with the puffy blouses, embodying the very idea of the 80s’ fashion. I do have to point out though that the puffy blouses might not be the most wearable item and is quite trend sensitive too, which won’t make it long lasting in the trend cycle. If you however really adore this style, of course you should invest in one!

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How To Style Them

I personally think that the puffy blouses are a bit tricky to style. The voluminous look tends to overtake the outfit and create an imbalance in the silhouette. That’s why it’s important to focus on how to balance the spacious top. One way to do it is to pair the puffy blouse with high waisted pants. The emphasis on the waist and the length of the pants will neutralize the puffy look. You can also go for a high waisted skirt or just wide legs in general. Layering your puffy blouse with a midi skirt or dress will also help with the balance of the volume. As for the prints and colors, mix and match them as you usually do. Catch the other posts in the trend alert series to get an idea on how to maximize the trend life. Don’t forget that you also can create a set out of it, or buy it as one set. It will surely make the styling easier and keep the look trendy as the monochromatic life is never wrong. A tiny final  hack is to have your hair in a chic hair do or a simple bun, just to underline the statement of the sleeves !

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Street Style Inspiration

Love the different shades of white in the first look. Really cute and stylish with the print too, adding a subtle energy to the outfit. The high waisted jeans in the second outfit balances the ham sleeves well. Pretty to go for a yellow too as it embodies spring. The brown in the third outfit is really classic but feels refreshed with the light blue blouse. The scarf around the neck adds a nice contrast to the voluminous sleeves. The simple denim look in the fourth outfit demonstrates a very wearable way you can wear the puffy blouses winter 2019. Denim is a great way of neutralizing the more preppy feeling of the top!

Folks! Are you working the puffy blouses winter 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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