Trend Alert: Polka Dots 2019

I can’t believe I haven’t done an article entirely dedicated to the polka dots! They’ve been trendy for some seasons now and they’re one of the best prints there is, if you ask me. As the pattern is quite simple with a background and dots, they’re fairly easy to style. The polka dots 2019 are partly about the 1980s style with voluminous pieces and ruffles, but also about a more contemporary look of clean lines and eclectic matches. Here’s a trend alert on the polka dots 2019: 

Polka Dots 2019
Courtsey of Khaite | Resort 2019

Polka Dots 2019

The polka dots 2019 are mainly about the black and white combination. Either a black or a white background and the dots in the contrasting color. The dots have been popular to do as dresses, tops, pants and skirts. I’d also say the polka dots are popular as accessories, being frequent as scarves and bags. As for the 1980s style of the polka dots, voluminous dresses and tops are popular. Especially with statement sleeves or the wrapped style. As for the more contemporary style; simple t-shirts, denim jackets, crop tops and midi skirts are commonly done with polka dots. Except the black and white style, polka dots in navy blue, red and also pink have been popularized as well.

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How To Wear The Polka Dots 2019

What I like about the polka dots 2019 is the neutrality. They’re similar to the stripes of being neutral and versatile in how they can be matched – both for the print itself but also the color combination. Polka dots are chic to do with floral prints, stripes and other geometrical ones. Read this print mix guide to learn how to match prints in the best way possible. As for the black/white look I’d say that jewel tones are a great match. Forest green, mustard yellow and dusty rose are other shades that are stylish options and  adds a depth to the pattern. Pastel colors are a nice option for summer. Mint green, baby blue and a peachy color adds a retro twist to the polka dot look. Going for fabrics such as leather and denim also underlines the retro look. Polka dots with straw accessories gives you the 2019 look. If you want to take the pattern trendy, check out these trend alerts. Polka dots 2019 with some white denim is a crispy statement for summer! 

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Street Style Inspiration

I’m having a major crush on this first outfit. The puffy blouse is fiercely matched with some high waisted jeans which balances the spacious style of the clothing piece. Love the defined sleeves too! The yellow jewel tone in the second outfit adds a luxurious touch to the polka dot pattern. You could also add some gold or emerald green to further enhance this. I love the floral print mix in the third outfit, it shows how well the polka dots balances a more “heavy” print.  The oversized dots in the fourth outfit are well-balanced with a simple hairdo and a structured bag. Absolutely adore the white sunnies and red lips to this look. The beige touches in the last outfit, with both the shoes and the blazer being beige, adds a timelessness to the pattern. Love how sophisticated the polka dots pattern appears! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the polka dots 2019? Do you have a way of wearing them? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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