Trend Alert: Pointy Shoes 2022

Folks! Squared shoes are a trend that emerged a couple of seasons ago, and if you didn’t like it, no worries as we have the pointy shoes 2022 to embrace instead! The pointy shoes 2022 range from kitten heels, pumps and boots to ballerinas and flats. Here’s a trend alert on pointy shoes 2022: 

Courtsey of Balmain | Pre-fall 2022

Pointy Shoes 2022

The pointy shoes are nothing new, but seem to increase in popularity indeed. For instance, we have really popular styles that were presented by Prada and Balenciaga a few years ago, but are still everywhere. I’m also pretty sure that the comeback of kitten heels made the pointy style more popular as a lot of the kitten heels have been done in a pointy style. Also, a lot of flats have been done with the pointy toes. And of course, let’s not forget all the boots with pointy shoes. It’s been popular to do this style in kind of any color or pattern imaginable. Especially for flats it’s been popular in animal styles, but also monochromatic ones. 

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How To Style Them

Well, as the style is really wearable (perhaps not that comfortable), it’s quite easy to style them. You can work them with kind of anything you have in your wardrobe. The only thing I’d give a heads-up about is to work pointy shoes with maxi lengths. This is not a rigid rule, but I often find the contrast between the long length and the shoes to be too awkward. It’s way smoother with a rounded style. This is especially true for kitten heels, ballerinas and flats. Other than that, apply the normal styling rules, and you’ll find a way to make them work. I’d say that pointy shoes are superb to balance voluminous pieces such as tulle or a wide A-line skirt for instance. As for pointy boots with heels, work them under flared jeans or skinny jeans for a chic effect. 

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Street Style Inspiration

And here’s some street style inspiration!  Love the business chic look in the first outfit. Stylish to go for the same color scale. Love the denim vibe in the second look, such a fresh look for spring and adorable with the pink shoes. Leggings/pants with a slit are perfect with pointy shoes, they balance each other so well, as shown in the third outfit. As for the fourth creation, I love how subtle the pointy shoes picks up the beige tones in the outfit. They also balance the layering of the dress and jacket. The last outfit is my favorite, it glows. I love the voluminous skirt and how the pointy flats balance that. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on pointy shoes 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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