Trend Alert: Pleated Skirt Spring 2019

Another Monday and another trend alert to kick-off this week! I think the trend alerts are interesting, as they’re an easy way to see what’s popular atm and also review how fashion changes over time. I’ve done ca 45 articles in the trend alert series and written about everything from pink denim to crop tops and beret hats. Some trends are more relevant than others today, but what they all have in common are their reflection of how time sensitive certain trends can be. I wrote this article on patent leather 1,5 years ago and it’s still a material to count on. Anyways, what I guess I’m trying to conclude is that this series is more than a trend update, it’s also a somewhat reflection of the contemporary fashion. So with that said, next up is the pleated skirt spring 2019!

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Pleated Skirts Spring 2019

So the midi skirts have been dominating the fashion scene the past seasons and will continue doing so spring 2019 too. The pleated skirts have been a part of the hype but are probably more stylish than ever this season. I think this owes a lot to the fact that the pleated trend is growing overall, with pleated dresses, pants, blouses and even scarves increasing in popularity. This sort of cements the status of the pleated skirt, as it’s probably the most common pleated clothing piece. It also appears quite often in fashion, being prominent in the 1950s, the 1970s, 1980s and 2010s. The pleated skirt spring 2019 is done in more transparent materials. Leather has also been popular for the more edgy appearance. Frequent colors are blush, navy blue, olive green, black, camel and some pastels here and there. The length of the pleated skirts is mainly midi but some maxi and knee-length are popular choices too.

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How To Style Them

I think owning a pleated skirt in a midi length is a must! Sure, the clothing piece can come off as quite preppy, but choosing a midi skirt in leather or black would give the piece some attitude. The thing with midi lengths is that they can look quite plain if there’s no structure. The architectural style of the pleats adds that needed structure to the clothing piece. As the piece itself is “complicated”, it’s quite easy to make a chic, but simple, outfit only by adding a basic white t-shirt, a denim shirt or a blouse if you want it more elegant. I like the midi skirt best when the tops are tucked in, either all the way or just partly in the front. Wearing your pleated skirt up by the waist, and not the hips, will also help your outfit forward as your waist will be accentuated. You can do a belt too, if you want to enhance the look further. Sneakers can be a comfy and trendy alternative but so can also the boots be! As for the colors, mismatch as you usually do or read about some color combinations here.

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Street Style Inspiration

I love the use of colors and prints in the first outfit, really classy to contrast the blazer with the pleats. The second look is quite sporty with the black leather jacket intensifying the look of the neon skirt. Very classic to go for a white shirt with the pleated skirt in the third look. Love the colors that the skirt consists of too. The white heart-shaped sunnies adds a fun twist! The patent leather skirt in the fourth outfit is a good one (hehe I might own one too!), and I like how it’s done more wearable with the simple white t-shirt. The last look feels quite trendy with the beige color of the pleated skirt and also the puffy sleeves of the top. Great example of how to make this look more trendy yet timeless with the choice of colors!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the pleated skirt spring 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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24 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Pleated Skirt Spring 2019

  1. And just when I thought the trend is almost over, it seems to become a classic 🙂 But hey why not – the pleated skirt is definitely an allrounder as I love that I can wear it to the office (due to its length) but also in a more after-work trendy way with sneakers or a crop top 🙂 perfect inspo!!! ♥


    1. Couldn’t agree more with you! It’s such a versatile clothing piece in so many ways! Xx

    1. A leo midi skirt sounds great though!! Looking forward to an outfit with it ;)! Xx

  2. Love that the pleated skirt trend has stuck around. These are so many great variations. I have a few and my favourite probably still has to be the silver one in the closet but I’d love to have another full length one in one of this season’s hottest colors. I love the printed ones, even coral, pink or violet would be nice. 🙂


    1. A silver one sounds great though! Love when they come in more statement-making styles. Just so stylish! Xx

  3. I love this particular style. The pleated skirt is one of my all-time favorites. My favorite is my silver one that is just below the knee and is metallic. However, I must say that I would really love the color blocked one that is green and white that you show here.
    Fabulous trend and somewhat of a sleeper classic as well.

    1. That sounds like a great pleated skirt! Love when they’re done in a statement material or color! Xx

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