Trend Alert: Oversized Coats Winter 2018

Gosh folks, I haven’t done a #TrendAlert in ages, so time to get back with those articles huh? I thought we’d start simple today by highlighting the trends of oversized coats winter 2018. The 80s might have its ups and downs with the fashion (and beauty, lol), but if I’m thankful for something it’s the fierce oversized coats. Here is the first trend alert of 2018:

Oversized Coats Winter 2018 - Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018

Courtsey of Max Mara | Pre-Fall 2018

Oversized Coats Winter 2018

There are plenty of different styles that are in fashion this winter, though it is to be noted that anything oversized in the coat context shall keep you in the trendy zone. Max Mara worked some business vibes, whilst Michael Kors went for the classic trench look. Stella McCartney kept it casual and cool and Victoria Beckham went for the effortlessly chic vibe. The classic black coat is always a hit and you’re not too far off reaching for an oversized red coat either. A white coat is always favorable, but hard to keep clean and crispy looking! The camel coats seems to be everywhere and are rather classic too and easy to style. One of the best things about this trend is that you can pick a style you like but a size larger than your regular. That way you’ll have a coat you like, yet with an oversized look. Just be aware that this doesn’t work with all the coats (as some should be more tailored), but it’s worth a try. Also, if you go up a few sizes it’s easier to layer clothes under as in another jacket or just a classic layered look.

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How To Style The Oversized Coats

The oversized coats winter 2018 can be tricky to style as there’s a lot of fabric and volume to deal with. The easiest way to work your way around it is to balance the coat with defined pants and shoes. That is that tights, defined jeans or pants, will contrast the style of the coat. If you match your pants with the shoes (like, black or grey), you’ll add some height which will help you pull off the coat in a fashionable way. If you’re pairing the oversized coat with another trend, the midi dress, it’s a good idea to go for tights under and either heels or neat shoes that will help with all the fabric. But hey, don’t be afraid to pair your 70s jeans with the oversized coat, just remember to balance all the fabric. Also, a simple style hack to give the outfit some structure is to choose the fedora hat or add a long scarf. Regarding color, treat them as you do regularly with your style game. And oh, a last style hack is to, if the temperature allows, hang the coat on your shoulders to frame your outfit in a favorable way. Weird, but it works.

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A Chic Outfit

Now this one is a bit artsy but oh so good! First of all, what really works in this outfit is the simple color combination of grey and black that keeps the outfit together. Grey and black is used for the print and for the rest of the clothing pieces. The structured bag adds a nice contrast to the flowy coat, and the beret ties the outfit together nicely. If you’re uncertain about the oversized style, I think this outfit is a great example of how to get started. Pick two colors you like and match them with same colored pieces. Add a structured piece, as in the bag or even the shoes, to create some balance! If you let the pieces you wear under the coat be visible, match them with the coat to neutralize the statement of the oversized style.

Folks! What are your thoughts on the oversized coats winter 2018? Are you working yours already or are you skipping this trend? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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34 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Oversized Coats Winter 2018

  1. I’m always so jealous of people who can pull off the oversized coat look. I think it looks so chic and effortless. I’ve tried it out but I think it just overwhelms my body but I may need to take some of your tips here and try it again!


  2. I dont have many coats since I live in Florida but I would totally go crazy over oversized coats if I lived in a colder climate! So chic!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

    1. Hahah I think it’s hard to get used to the oversized look, but cozy once when get used to it! Xx

  3. I love the fact that, like you’ve mentioned, you don’t necessarily need to search for a coat that’s categorized as oversized, rather size up for the look and fit. It’s also quite practical in that it does allow for more layering to do be done without looking bulky, since you have the added room. I love the look of an oversized camel and red coat, especially when they’re warp or single button styles, they look uber chic! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this trend with us, gorgeous. I look forward to more trend alert posts, I always love to read what you’re thinking. Have a very Happy Monday, my friend!



    1. Just love them too! So easy to create a layered look with and so comfortable too. Adore the style. And yesss, I shall keep the trend alerts coming! Xx

  4. These coats!! I want these all <33 I've actually really been digging the oversized coat trend, it looks so chic in my opinion.

  5. Hey Mia, hope you’re having a good Monday and thanks again for your good vibes in my latest blog post, is always good and refreshing to see your feedback and opinion.

    Ooooh MY! Couldn’t be more obsessed right now with oversized garments, especially coats, I just got one in camel color and in simple lines for a very good price and I can’t get enough of it. Need to figure out which will be my next purchase in sales season.

    Love also the options you shared in red color but still not a great fan of puffy jackets, but never say never 😉

    Best and I’ll take a look at the other posts!

    1. Always a pleasure Pablo!! Gosh, an oversized coat in a camel color sounds really lovely, want one too hahah. Haha I didn’t like the puffer jackets at first either, but love em now! Xx

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