Trend Alert: Mint Green 2020

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve been talking a lot about brown, beige and copper as trendy colors. Another color that’s been trendy for a while now, but more in the periphery, is mint green. Mint green in general is a reliable color, so this ought for a fun year of styling mint green 2020! Read more about the latest trends here.

Mint Green 2020 | Rodebjer Resort 2020
Courtsey of Rodebjer | Resort 2020

Mint Green Winter 2020

So what about mint green 2020? Well, it’s commonly done as silky skirts and dresses. Blazers with matching pants, aka pantsuits, have been another common style in mint green. Knitted sweaters have also been popular to work in mint green! Mint green has also been a stylish color for polka dots and floral patterns. The color has commonly been paired with white and brown. If mint green has been done with a silky material, it’s been popular to style it with pearls, jewelries and other styles of embellishment! 

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How To Style It

As mint green is a dove color and lacks the intensity of the classic green, it’s kind of an easy color to style. It works well with other pastels of pink, blue and yellow. It’s a neutral match with white but also a bright grey. Your outfit might come off as too harsh if you pair it with black, brown is a much better alternative. I’m especially fond of the idea of pairing a silky mint green with a brown faux fur! So glam, no? If you want to push your boundaries, pairing mint green with red and orange is a fun and challenging idea. As mint green is quite soft, adding some denim or leather to your outfit will do good! 

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Street Style Inspiration

And lastly, what about the street style inspiration? Love the 1980s vibe in the first picture. The white shoes and bag is such a good match. The pantsuit in the second outfit is so good too. Love the monochromatic vibe! Love the midnight blue jacket with the mint green in the third look. The silk pantsuit in the fourth look is another gem. Love the sophisticated vibe of the mint green. The brown leather jacket and the mint green pants are so good in combo too. The intensity between them is genius! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on mint green winter 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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18 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Mint Green 2020

  1. This is such a gorgeous color, actually it gives me retro vibes, maybe from the 70s don’t you think? I have a few pieces in my home (like my sofa, pots, dishes and a lamp in this color….) but not many garments and I should definitely grab one soon…. like a basic shirt or even a sweater 😉

    1. Ohhh a sofa in mint green sounds really chic!!! And a knitted sweater in mint green too 😉

  2. Mint has never really been a shade I’ve gravitated towards, which is why I only have a handful. That said, I’d LOVE that satin jumpsuit in the third look in the first set of photos, SO gorgeous! I’ve worn the color paired with pink and love the combination. It’s fresh and a little playful/whimsical. I actually recently purchased a ruffled blouse in this shade I’ve yet to wear. After reading this post, you’ve reminded me to get going, lol. Thanks for the inspo, my friend!


    1. OHhh can’t wait to see that ruffled blouse! I think you’d look stunning in mint green, so definitely bring on some outfits lady! Xx

  3. OMG a huge YES to this! I actually haven’t seen this color much in stores or online yet, so I’ll be excited to start searching for this color soon. It sure does get me super ready and excited for spring!! XO


    1. True though! I feel like it’s been more present in the street style so far, but no doubt it will come soon! Xx

  4. I remember those days as a teenager when mint green was such an it colour. I’m so glad that this hue has a revival. This softer version of green is very feminine but still has a huge impact!

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

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