Trend Alert: Midi Lengths Summer 2018

As the midi style has been around in the trendy version for quite a few seasons now, I thought I’d already done a trend alert on the length. Turns out though that I haven’t! So let’s start this summer of trend alerts by covering the midi lengths summer 2018. I’m talking skirts, dresses and culottes in trendy prints, colors, textures and styles! And ohh, don’t forget to catch more #TrendAlerts here

Midi Lengths Summer 2018 - Gabriela Hearst Resort 2019

Courtsey of Gabriela Hearst | Resort 2019

Midi Lengths Summer 2018

The best way about a more general trend (we’re talking length here = pretty general), is that it’s easy to find a style that you like as there’s only one trend factor to consider. The worst part though is that it can be difficult to find what you like as the options are endless. Also, from my point of view, annoying to sum up a trend that’s this general, but it’s worth a shot, lol! The midi lengths summer 2018 are continuing down the same path of the earlier styles of this trend. You have the culottes, often in tropical prints or neutral colors. The midi skirt is often done in a pleated style and with a fun material or pastel color. The midi dress often comes with a statement print, with the floral style being the most prominent of the moment. Details of ruffles, statement sleeves and bows are also quite common for the midi dress look!

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How To Style The Midi Lengths

There are mainly two things to think about when it comes to the midi length. First of all, what shoes are you going to wear and what are you’re going to do with the silhouette? The midi length tends to cut your legs short and also give you a lifeless silhouette with all the fabric and focus on the lower part of your body. The answer to the first question is to go for a pair of shoes that elongates your legs, this will make you look taller and add some length to your outfit which will balance the midi length. You can either go for a shoe color that’s close to your skin tone, heels or a pair of shoes that are either v-shaped in the front or open (like ballerinas, slippers) That will show more of your feet which will create the illusion of longer legs. A trendy style though is to cut your legs short with a pair of statement sneakers or boots. It might not look that flattering, but who cares on the other hand, the fashion declaration is on point!

Regarding the second problem, the silhouette, I suggest that you go for a high-waisted style and tuck your top in. That will mark your waist which will create a better dynamic in your outfit. If you’re working a dress you can enhance the waist with a belt. The trendy style of dealing with the silhouette regarding the midi length is to let it drop. In other words, you can layer your outfit with a clothing piece that hits around the knees, either above or under. This is perhaps not a flattering alternative, but quite chic with the layered style. As the enhancement of the outfit will be quite low, I suggest you go for heels, or at least shoes that will elongate your legs. It’s often needed to balance all the heavy weight of the fabric!

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Some Inspiration

I love the first look with the styling of the shoes, which elongates the legs. The second outfit is so chic with the dropped silhouette and love the heavy contrast of the sneakers in the third outfit! So chic to pick up a color from the print and use it for accessories, it makes the outfit look more cohesive and that’s always a hit!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the midi lengths summer 2018? How do you style this trend? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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22 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Midi Lengths Summer 2018

  1. Ohyes I’m such a big fan of midi lengths at the moment -perfect that its a trend now as I can wear dresses and skirts to the office plus theyre looking stylish for afterwork too 🙂

    Loving the styles you picked!
    Happy weekend Mia ♥


    1. I know! They’re such a great balance of edge and elegance. Just the way we like it! Xx

    1. I know! I love the monochromatic style of the midi length, such a cute one!! Xx

    1. That’s lovely! Feels like many petite people are afraid of trying the length, but everything works with some styling! Xx

  2. I initially didn’t love this length because my calves are quite muscular so it cuts me off at the largest point of my lower legs – something I didn’t think looked as good on me, but I’ve grown to love the trend and I love that you selected looks that vary a little in the midi-length as well! These are great!


    1. Yes, choosing a slighlty shorter or longer style of the length can do so much for it! Glad you liked the inspo babe! Xx

    1. Hahah yes! I also like to wear the heels, helps the look in such a favorable way! Xx

  3. Midi length is so difficult to style for me – maybe it’s because I have a weird aversion to ankles?! – but, when I see it on other people it’s just so darn cute. You’re inspiring me to pull out some midi skirts I’ve been letting sit. Outfit inspo for the weekend!


    1. oh yes hun! I’m sure you can pull it off! Looking forward to see an outfit soon! Xx

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