Trend Alert: Maxi Dresses Spring 2019

This is it folks! This is the fashion I dream about on rainy November days and early, dark, February mornings. Voluminous, vivid, vibrant maxi dresses that are the very definition of effortlessly chic. The trending style of the maxi dresses spring 2019, is exactly my style and a lot of this year’s trends in one. You have the lighter materials with semi-transparent details, you have crazy prints of animal, florals or dots, you have statement sleeves and ruffles etc. Maxi dresses are just the perfect way of combining different trend elements with one another and go for it all at once. Here’s a trend alert on the maxi dresses spring 2019:

Courtsey of Alexander McQueen | Resort 2019
Courtsey of Alexander McQueen | Resort 2019

Maxi Dresses Spring 2019

So this year’s maxi dresses are pretty much all about what I mentioned above. A lot of different trends are reflected in the style of this season. First of all you have the spacious, longer, lengths of the maxi style. Often done in fabrics that are a bit semi-transparent or more summerish, such as linen, silk or organza. I’d say that it’s pretty popular to go for statement sleeves, such as ham sleeves or bell sleeves as it correlates nicely to the length and volume of the dress. Colors such as red, pink, purple, copper and yellow are popular but perhaps even more common to do the dresses in prints. Animal prints unquestionably, but also florals, polka dots, paisley and gingham.

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How To Wear Them

What I like about the maxi dresses is that they’re so easy to style. I agree that they’re in one way can be a bit tricky with everything that happens, but that’s also what make them easy as you don’t have to do that much. The main rule is to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t layer with a cardigan, don’t mix it too much with a scarf, don’t overthink it. Keep it clean with a pair of shoes, a bag and a nice hairdo. I’d say that you should go for a fun pair of shoes, such as a pair of chunky sneakers, some slippers or ankle boots. As for the bag, choose a color that either matches the shoes or the pattern of the maxi dress. If you’re working a black and white one, dare to throw in some colors! Perhaps red or yellow, or why not blue? For the hair, go for a low bun or let it loose. I think that a hat, preferably a feodora model with more structure, will balance the flowy style well. You can also tie a scarf around your head and go more trendy. But whatever you do; let the dress have the time in the spotlight!

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Street Style Inspiration

And here’s some good ol’ street style inspiration! Love the simplicity of the leo dress in the first picture. So chic to go with a completely different style for the shoes, aka chunky sneakers. Love the black boots in the second outfit as it elongates the black maxi dress. The choice of bag in the third look is a perfect color match with the dress, leaving the spotlight to the vibrant print. Love how the waist is slightly accentuated in the fourth look. The v-shaped shoes is a great match with the uneven hemline as it makes the transition less distinct, as two uneven lines are paired. A pair of boots would cut off the ankles differently. Love the vibrancy in the red dress in the fifth outfit. Genius to go with a crispy pair of white shoes as it makes the contrast more distinct!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the maxi dresses spring 2019? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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    1. Hahah right?! I feel so weird when wearing chunky sneakers with maxi dresses, but I try to convince myself that it is chic hahah! Xx

    1. Same here! I just adore all the different ways it can be styled. It’s magical! Xx

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