Trend Alert: Maxi Coats Fall 2019

One fashion trend I’m planning to embrace this fall is the trend of maxi coats fall 2019! The fashion of going for midi- and maxi lengths have been a popular one the past seasons and has arrived at coats and jackets this seaons. The full-length of the coats will simply keep you warm and extra trendy! Here’s a trend alert on the maxi coats! And oh, don’t forget to check out some other fall trends in this article. 

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Maxi Coats Fall 2019

The maxi coats this season are quite timeless as they’re mainly done in neutral shades of black, grey, brown and camel. The maxi/midi length might not be the most classical style, but is nevertheless a clever investment as it keeps you extra warm during fall and winter. The maxi/midi length is also a great alternative if you like to keep it more preppy, as the style of the coat often gives a flattering silhouette. The maxi coats are also useful when it comes to layering. You can favorably layer with cardigans and skirts/dresses under! A v-shaped neckline is probably the most timeless look, but a belt around the waist defines the body in a stylish way! 

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How To Style the Maxi Coats

As mentioned above, I love the idea of layering your outfits with your maxi coat. Go for a midi or maxi dress as the maxi coat will frame the outfit nicely. Also a longer scarf around your neck will give a polished look. If you want a more casual look, I like the idea of layering with a college sweatshirt or a hoodie, to make the coat more informal. A pair of chunky sneakers will also balance the style of the coat and is a trendy look in general. Another trendy style to try, is to do a pair of high boots under the maxi coat. It’ll be a fun contrast with the material of the coat. And speaking of materials, don’t forget to choose interesting ones such as denim, faux fur, suede and leather to make the outfit more lively! 

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Street Style Inspiration

And as always, here’s some street style inspiration! I love the dove blue color in the first outfit. Dove blue and leopard is an unexpected combination, but such a magic match! Love how the jacket in the second picture frames the outfit nicely. Great idea to go for a matching top and jacket! The third outfit is a trend statement with the high jeans, the turtleneck and the leopard coat. Love the way all three classic pieces are creating a wow-statement! The monochromatic outfit in the fourth picture is another trend statement, this time done monochromatic. The way that the darker maxi jacket is adding a mature touch to the more energetic pea green, is such a stylish detail. The cozy coat with the statement sneakers, in the last picture, should definitely be a go-to look this winter! The sneakers are an unexpected contrast, but a bold fashion move nonetheless! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the maxi coats fall 2019? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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12 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Maxi Coats Fall 2019


    Would give my money right away to have all the options, specially the first one with that print, it is so graphic and artsy! Should go shopping and look for one of these options, taking into account that I already have many in neutral tones 🙂

    PS: I dont know if you receive all of my comments, it feel like the website is not accepting all of them but let me know 🙁

    I left a long one on the menswear post but I’m not able to see it 🙁

    1. Hahah, same question here though! The first one is great indeed, love the statement! Xx

    1. Oh no worries! Just wear them with heels and you’ll balance all the massive fabrics! Xx

  2. Oh my gosh that first one in the two tone design is KILLING me – what a fabulous design! I’ve noticed my coat purchases have been getting bigger and bigger and so I wouldn’t be surprised if I soon step out in a maxi coat as well haha. Such a brilliant blog post, as always!! 🙂 x

    1. Hahah same here! I’ve been scanning some stores for a really warm, classic maxi coat but haven’t found one yet! I know it’ll be my go-to jacket this winter ;)! Xx

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