Trend Alert: Light Blue 2020

One trendy color this year that is a bit under the radar is the light blue 2020. It’s kind of vague to call it light blue, but everything from baby blue to dove blue and cornflower blue is trending. Blue is a pretty easy color to work with, having a high level of wearability! Find more trend alerts here.

Light Blue 2020

The light blue 2020 has a sweet retro vibe to it. It partly feels like a melody of the 60s but also electrical á la the 1980s. The light blue hues have been common for dresses, skirts and puffy blouses. I’d say the color is common for floral prints too, as well as geometrical ones. It’s also been popular to match light blue with other bright colors, but also neon. 

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How To Style It

When working the light blue, it’s important to think about what kind of light blue it is. If it’s a dove color, it works well with basics, pastels and other dove hues such as blush, mauve and olive green. Cornflower blue is more intense, but still pale, which makes it interesting with an intense orange, red, pink or yellow. I think overall that cornflower is a really captivating color, although quite retro and maybe the most difficult color of blue to style. A baby blue is considered a pastel and this is how you can work it. 

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Street Style

And some street style inspiration! Love the combo of working denim with light blue. Pretty and cohesive! Love the edge of the sunnies and the bag in the second outfit, balances the light blue in a favorable way. So chic to add a darker hue of blue. Will definitely be a fun one this fall/winter. The fourth outfit is really entertaining with the silver boots, fun combination. The last outfit is probably my favorite. Loooove the match with the yellow. Such a chic way of creating an interesting color combination, but keeping it wearable.

Folks! What are your thoughts on the light blue 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Light Blue 2020

  1. Hello Mia,
    Been using some light blue and other similar tones lately and as you said this is a color that admits multiple combinations, actually with more tones and colors than many other pastels 🙂
    This is a color that definitely reminds me of better days, of my childhood and to those spring-summer beautiful days, but wouldn’t mind to wear it in autumn or winter tho….

    1. I think it definitely would be interesting with more blue for winter. Like a light blue with plum or red wine, or even orange, could be a fun twist! Xx

  2. Ooh these light blue looks are so pretty! I love that pleated skirt and now you have me thinking about a pretty light blue coat for winter!

    1. I love them too! Light blue coat for winter sounds like a timeless one, love that! Xx

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