Trend Alert: Leopard Print 2018

Folks! I know the leopard print has been everywhere lately, both written about and done in countless of outfits. I’ve talked about it here too, but thought a proper trend alert would allow us to discuss it even further. So here’s everything you need to know about the leopard print 2018. (And folks, I’m pretty sure I don’t even have to tell you that it should be faux!)

Leopard Print Fall 2018 - Sonia Rykiel Pre-fall 2018

Courtsey of Sonia Rykiel | Pre-Fall 2018

Leopard Print 2018

The thing the with leopard print is that it’s always returning each fall, which makes it a fall staple. Some years, like this one, it’s more trendy. I think the reason why it seems to be everywhere this particular year is subject of the popularity of the 1980s/90s trends that have been dominating the last seasons. The leopard print was a must during these two decades and when one trend of a decade is popular, it’s easy that other styles of the decade grows in popularity too. The leopard print 2018 is mainly about the shoes, the bags and skirts/dresses. The most common style of the leopard print has been the classic one in shades of camel, brown and black. It’s been common to pair the pattern with the colors of the print, with camel being a popular choice. Other neutral colors such as grey and black have also been frequent matches. The leopard print 2018 is also popular to pair with gold, often gold accessories such as a belt or jewelries!

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How To Wear It

I wrote an article on this subject earlier this year, which you can find here. I think all of these ideas are still relevant, giving options of how to make it look extra trendy (with purple, patent leather), how to make it look neutral (with white, camel) and how to elevate the look (with florals). Other trendy ways to wear leopard prints include pairing it with a baker boy hat, a cape or a chic pair of leo boots. A neutral way of wearing it, which is timeless too btw, is to go for your camel sweater/coat/top with a leopard scarf. A leo top with a pair of white jeans will create a crispy look for fall. Speaking of fall, the leopard print works really well with the fall colors of orange, navy blue, forest green, plum and mustard yellow. To be honest, the leopard skirt/dress might not be here in the long run but a leo scarf, bag or shoes definitely will be. As the accessories are what you wear with your clothes (that are easy to choose in the fall colors, or trendy shades), I think it’s a good investment if you like the leopard print. If you want to be challenged, dare to pair the print with stripes, a red check pattern or a dark floral one. It’ll be a fashion explosion!

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Street Style Inspiration

And some street style inspiration to make it all more concrete. The first look is terribly chic with the white t-shirt and the patent leather skirt that adds a trendy twist. The leopard coat frames the outfit favorably, without getting too loud. The second look is really simple with the leopard bag matching the coat really well.  In the third look, the print clash is such a good statement with the distinct contrast of the blue check pattern and the warmer leo color. Love the oversized leather jacket in the fourth look and the pop of the red in the final look. A splash of color and you’re all set!


Folks! How do you wear the leopard print 2018? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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  1. This is really a cool suggestion. For me the pattern captures exoticism, glamour, superb taste and overall status. So this is indeed a win win outfit to try

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