Trend Alert: Kitten Heels Summer 2017

If there’s one fashion trend I for long has stated to be my number one no-no trend, it’s the kitten heels. The low heel has to me been associated with old ladies, the worst part about vintage and anything but chic fashion. To my defence though, I’m the first one to raise my hand and admit that I’ve been convinced that kitten heels can be fashionable. All thanks to the magic of the kitten heels trending and seeing all different fashionistas style it in the most chic ways. Perhaps an extra nod to Dior too, for creating these adorable ones below. Well well, folks – here are the kitten heels summer 2017:

Kitten Heels Summer 2017

The Dior shoes from the Spring/Summer 2017 show defined the comeback of the kitten heels. The delicate balance of wearability, elegance and vintage, the shoes fitted the 2017 style perfectly. They add an elegant touch to the distressed denim, off shoulder tops and midi skirts that’s been trending. Prior to the Dior’s shoes though, slingbacks have been trending on and off for the past years. They often come in a kitten heel, or close enough, which makes them a perfect first to steop in the embracement of kitten heels. Also slippers have been trending, another style of shoes that works well in a kitten heel style, which also made the kitten heels easier to “accept” as the steps were fewer. The next it-shoe in the kitten heel format was recently presented by Balenciaga. Simple, elegant and vaguely reminiscent of shoes from the 18th Century.

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How To Wear Them

As talked about above, the kitten heels way to popularity have partly been eased by the current fashion. The trends that we’re working atm works perfectly with the elegant and petite shoes. Trends as distressed denim, mom jeans, midi skirts and culottes are all perfect to balance with kitten heels as it justifies all the fabric.  The elegant style is also perfect for more edgy looks as denim or leather culottes/skirts as it creates a nice contrast. As for colors, it all comes down to what color your shoes have. Nude colored one will elongate your legs, contrasting shades will cut them short. A nice way to keep the look balanced is to go for the same color your skirt/dress/pants have, especially if we’re talking midi length. It will create a coherency in the look and also underline a fun monochrome style.

I would avoid lengths that are maxi as well as jeans going all the way. Too long lengths would put “too much weight” on the shoes and create an imbalance. Plus, flare jeans with kitten heels have 2006 written all over it, which remains a fashion period we all wanna forget. Period. Another tip is to strive after the period you like. If you adore the 1960s style (hello Audrey), go for A-line dresses and other clothing pieces that are connected to the decade. If you fear the early 00s (like I do), avoid those clothes in combo with the kitten heels. Like, no cargo pants and kitten heels, please!

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A Chic Look

You all know by now that I love contrasts and the magic of it. This outfit is a perfect example where two contrasting elements are mixed and creates something new. The denim is more edgy, a bit street style and quite casual. The beige colored Dior kitten heels are on the more elegant side, which creates a fun balance. All the denim layers can look a bit heavy, something which the shoes balances with the petite style. Easy to recreate too. A more street style look and a pair of elegant kitten heels!

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Folks! What are your thoughts on the kitten heels summer 2017? Yay, nay? Embrace or erase? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

22 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Kitten Heels Summer 2017

    1. They would indeed, I think they’re more comfy than the average at least! Xx

  1. Ahh, sometimes I literally feel as though we have the same mind haha. I’ve also been 100% against kitten heels, though Dior has definitely gone a long way in changing my mind – though I’ll admit, not yet completely….

    Have a lovely week!! 🙂

    1. Hahaha great minds love, you know?! Dior changed my mind too, they’re dreamy haha. Have yet to buy myself a pair of the kitten heels though…Xx

  2. I LOVE kitten heels! They’re a lot more comfortable, and super chic. I love a good jean and kitten heel combo look. I think if you wear them with the right attitude, they’re always a good choice.

    1. Denim and kitten heels is apparently where the magic happens, looove the combo! Xx

  3. I haven’t worn kitten heels in so long! I think the last time I wore a pair was back in my sophomore year of college and they were a pair of beige ones that I really loved. I kind of always liked them, depending on how they were styled, so I’m glad they’re trending these past couple of seasons and I think we have Dior, for sure, to thank! That said, I need to find myself a cute pair, but this time around, I don’t want to go with a basic beige like before, I want something a bit bold, like the orange ones above, LOVE those! Thanks for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



    1. But beige ones sounds pretty basic and good though? The ones you can kind of appreciate even though they’re not trending. But the bold orange ones are just genius, adore them! Xx

    1. I’m glad I’ve finally understood that haha, just have to get myself a pair! Xx

  4. I have to say that I agree with you in that I never thought kitten heels could be chic! So old lady-ish to me and not in a good way. After doing my fair share of trekking around in high pumps though, I could be persuaded to give this a try! It does look sooo good with denim xx

    1. It does look so good with denim hahah, I wouldn’t believe myself stating this only 2 years ago – lol! Xx

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