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Keeping the trend alert series alive today with the newest trend (?) that is up and coming. Yes, the historic, iconic and beloved clothing piece that the kimono is. Here’s the kimono style summer 2017:

Rodebjer Resort 2017 Kimono Style Summer 2017

Courtsey of Rodebjer (resort 2017)

Kimono Style Summer 2017

The historic and traditional kimono comes from Japan and has a long list of different traditions and styles. As in when to wear what and what style. The style that is trending summer 2017 is perhaps more wearable than the maxi dress style that is more culturally linked. The kimono style summer 2017 is reminiscent of the classic kimono. The classic kimono comes in a t-shaped style, often with a belt, in a thin fabric and in colorful shades as well as prints. The length varies from hip to maxi, with the longer lengths growing in popularity. The fabric is often rather silky and shiny which adds both a pyjama feeling but also a casual and elegant vibe. Some of the trending kimono styles are similar to the pyjama tops that’s been trending with a small collar, pockets and with a belt.

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How To Wear It

As the kimono is often a lightweight piece in an oversized style it’s perfect for layering as well as hot summer days. As it’s as light as it is, it’s a perfect piece to bring to the beach or a second layer when your skin needs a break from the sun! The style of the clothing piece is often quite flowy which makes it favorable to style with fitted or structured pieces. A long midi kimono can favorably be done with a slim midi dress or cigarette pants with a fitted top. You can also go full on the flow with a pair of culottes, but make sure to balance the heavy weight of the fabric with a pair of refined shoes as flats, slippers or ballerinas.

Some people avoid kimono as the T-shape hides all the curves but not in the most flattering way. That’s when the belt (often coming with the kimono) can be favorable to mark the waist or the hips. It’ll also create some structure to all the fabric which will give a more proper look. Another thing to think about is that kimonos comes in all different colors and prints, often favoring lighter shades and floral prints. Go for the combinations you like best. If you’re uncertain of the kimono, try it in a color you like and a print that flatters you and make the most out of it.

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A Chic Outfit

As always, a chic example of an outfit that embodies the kimono trend. First of all am I really fond of sets, so this outfit scores high right away. The color of the set is perfect for this transitional period too, with a silky copper tone giving the fall vibes. The black accessories, as the sunnies and the bag, picks up the black top. The black also bounces back to the visible seams of the kimono which gives a proper and structurized impression. The golden shoes breaks off the matchy accessories in a favorable way and goes well with the copper look too. Stylish is the word!

You can easily recreate this look yourself by taking your kimono and choose the colors of your outfit after what colors your kimono comes in. If you have a red/white/pink combo, go for white pants and add red accessories with some pink details. It’s THAT easy. Let your kimono be the cheat sheet!

Folks! How are you working you working the kimono style summer 2017? With colors, with layers or just simple? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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24 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Kimono Style Summer 2017

    1. They can indeed, they’re perfect for layering. Oh that one sounds chic, let me know if you find, can’t wait to see your outfit! Xx

  1. Yess to Kimono’s ! I’ve seen lately so many rocking the kimono trend. I think I like the one from the first picture the most. Great post 🙂

    xx, Miha

  2. Kimonos are great for Summer. I’m really glad they’re trending now!
    Adi xx

  3. I’ve had a kimono on my wishlist forever and for some reason I never have bought one. What is wrong with me? I love the way they can add color or pattern to a look but no weight. If they’re still around for fall I may need to pull the trigger 🙂

    1. Oh but a kimono can be a perfect basic piece though, definitely think you should invest! Xx

  4. Who doesn’t love a good kimono? They’re the perfect way to layer in Summer and take a chance with color. Why not both at the same time? These belted kimono looks are SO GOOD.

  5. I’m loving the kimono trend, too, but I’ve yet to add one to my wardrobe. I love how extremely versatile they are, allowing you to both dress them up or down. This last look is uber stylish, yet practical to recreate. I love the color combination, copper is one of my faves this time of year. In fact, I recently added a basic tee in a similar shade to my wardrobe. Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



    1. The last look is just too good though! The casual style of the kimono as well as the copper color. Too pretty! Xx

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