Trend Alert: Hot Pink 2022

Folks, here’s a trend alert on hot pink 2022! It’s definitely one of the hottest shades of the year, and a hot shade for a hot summer must be a match made in heaven. Here’s a trend alert on hot pink 2022! And oh, catch previous trend alerts here.

Courtsey of Valentino | Valentino Fall 2022

Hot Pink 2022

Hot pink 2022 can indeed be described as neon pink. It’s intense, it’s energetic, and it’s fun. This color 2022 is all about that monochromatic style. Hot pink has been done top to toe in several ways the past year by different designers (hello Valentino 2022), and it’s reached the street style life too. This popping hue is also a popular alternative for accessories!

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How To Style Hot Pink 2022

I think there are so many ways you can make this color work. It works with all the neutral colors, and I mean all, so starting with a black and pink combination is definitely a good first step. Also white, beige and even brown are lovely duos with a hot pink. I also think that cool hues of green and blue are nice balance with the shade. Also, orange or red if you want to keep the look bright and warm. I suggest going for some hot pink accessories if you adore this color but don’t know where to start. Also working an all hot pink look is a superb idea! 

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Street Style Inspiration

And some street style inspiration on this fun shade! I love the attitude in the first look with the monochromatic set and the black accessories, so chic. I’ve featured the second outfit before on The Fashion Folks, but can we just appreciate how well pink and white go together? As for the third look, the retro green is a gem. Love how the black/white patterned accessories contrasts the look. Purple and pink is a gorgeous combination too, as shown in the fourth picture. Or why not just an all pink look with a pop of red as done in the last slide? I approve! 

Folks! How are you working hot pink 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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    1. Hahah well same here! Neon pink though is so fun indeed for summer! Xx

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