Trend Alert: Cropped Jackets 2021

Folks! I’m back with the first trend alert article for 2021. I wrote about more general trends 2021 in this article, but so much fun to go nerdy with it. First out are the cropped jackets 2021! 

Courtsey of Sally LaPointe | Pre-Fall 2020

Cropped Jackets 2021

The cropped jackets are exactly what they sound like, jackets (and coats) that are cropped. The cropped style is often about the clothing hitting the hip or waist, with the waist versions often being more of a statement with the somewhat difficult silhouette. With that said though, the cropped jackets can be really useful when working midi and maxi lengths as they balance the length of the outfit. The cropped jackets 2021 are commonly done as leather jackets, teddy coats, blazers and hoodies. All kinds of colors and styles are popular, especially with more voluminous sleeves and statement textures such as fur, leather and denim. 

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How To Style Them

As mentioned above, the cropped jackets are superb with midi and maxi lengths. With the more sharp cut of the cropped style, they’ll balance any pieces that’s flowy or feels heavy in volume and silhouette. I’m also a big fan of working the cropped jackets with high-waisted pants and jeans. It will stress the high-waisted look and also keep the silhouette intact. Honestly, you don’t need to do this with a jacket solely, but you can take any cropped clothing piece you have and work it with anything high-waisted. Or even better, tuck in your top next time, and you’ll sort of have the same effect as a cropped clothing piece. Sometimes a cropped jacket can look a bit out of place, so make sure you have a second clothing piece or an accessory that reconnects with the cropped jacket to create a more cohesive outfit. 

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Street Style Inspiration

As always, here’s some street style inspiration to get us all going! Love the monochromatic white outfit. Love that the cropped jacket adds an edge with the sharp cut. Also love how the boots enhances this. The second looks is also superb with the 80s mood. This outfit shows exactly how chic it is to go for a midi dress and a cropped jacket. They balance each other so well. The transparent jacket in the third outfit is such a gem. Love how it frames the outfit, and also put it on the best display. The all denim look in the fourth picture is another gem. I like how the matchy denim creates a cohesive look and how the cowboy boots contrasts that. Lastly, I love the cropped look in the fifth outfit. Such a great way of displaying the paperbag pants and also keep the emphasis of the waist.

Folks! What are your thoughts on the cropped jackets 2021? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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10 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Cropped Jackets 2021

  1. Hey Mia,

    I have seen a lot of cropped jackets, I’d say it is a tricky garment but it can look really good with the right styling. As you mentioned it is all about making visual effects with the other pieces, like the combination of high waist jeans to create a balance between the pieces.

    I like your selections! Those pieces are really good! Specially the puffer jacket but in the shorter version, cooler than the regular option!


    1. Yeah definitely, it’s all about finding that balance! I have a pink puffer jacket that’s cropped and it’s quite the interesting thing to style, both with the color and the style. But I love it with a pair of mom jeans or a midi/maxi dress with some pink in it! Xx

  2. Ah yes cropped jackets are having a moment very 90s or early 2000s. But in todays trends they tend to more roomy and boxy while in the 90s cira Carrie Bradshaw they were more fitted and were paired with low waist boot cut jeans.

    Allie of

    1. Indeed! I prefer this boxy style as the volume it adds to an outfit is so entertaining. But yeah, major throwback vibes! Xx

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