Trend Alert: Cottagecore 2021

So today’s trend alert is not a specific item per se, but an entire aesthetic. I’m sure that many of you by now are familiar with cottagecore, which is a style that was brought mainstream during the pandemic. To find out more about current trends, checkout this hashtag. 

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Cottagecore 2021

The idea of cottagecore is a romanticized, somewhat impractical, country fashion. In focus are bright and dove colors such as baby blue, mint green and dusty pink. Floral patterns and gingham are common, and puff sleeves and voluminous blouses/dresses a must. You should also wear a matching straw hat with a statement ribbon! Cottagecore as a fashion aesthetic also includes a lot of white, knitted sweater/cardigans, lace and boots. Imagine the most romantic weekend getaway to the countryside in cute fluffy dresses and you have the very idea of cottagecore. You could also just call it a modern Arts & Crafts movement. 

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How To Style It

Well, I think cottagecore works pretty well on its own. Sure, it has a tendency to become too much of a “grandma” style, but who says that can’t be chic every now and then? However, as with all styles that are very fitted in their context, it’s a good idea to contrast it with opposing styles. For instance, a pair of jeans would be great with a preppy blouse. A leather vest could work with a voluminous dress. Some sneakers are a superb alternative to boots, or why not some heels? You could also mix it up by adding some neon to color contrast or some animal prints to intensify. White, brown, beige and grey are superb neutrals too. And instead of an oversized straw hat, go for a beanie, a headband or a fun updo!

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Street Style Inspiration

And some street style inspiration! I love how the black accessories balances the sweet pink in the first photo. In the second look, the statement black boots are really fashionable. I love the dramatic yellow dress in the third picture, love that it shines on it own. Superb idea to go for a more minimalist hairdo. The denim and blouse duo in the fourth look is a really wearable way of working cottagecore. Also love the pink details in the fifth picture, such a great way of creating a more cohesive look. 

Folks! What do you think about cottagecore 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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