Trend Alert: Colorful Beanies 2021

I mentioned the colorful beanies in this article, but they definitely deserve their own trend alert article! The colorful beanies winter 2021 are both about a chill pastel vibe, but also an intense neon style. You can find more trend alerts here

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Colorful Beanies Winter 2021

The colorful beanies are commonly done in a chunky, knitted, oversized style. Often with a label semi-visible in the front. The colorful beanies have that sporty vibe to them with the folded hemline and the vibrancy of neon and pastels in their favour. Lavender, bubblegum pink, neon yellow, klein blue and mint green are some trendy colors. The beanies have been popular to match with jackets and sweaters. Also going for a more street style look with denim, dad sneakers and hoodies have been a popular look with the beanies. 

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How To Style It

I think colorful beanies are genius. They’re such an easy way of making the winter style more interesting, and still have a great deal of function to them. They can be a bit tricky to style from a color perspective, but if you go for your regular neutrals, they can be a fun and unexpected twist. Maybe a lavender beanie with a white jacket? Or a grey coat with a bubblegum pink? A black sweater and a klein blue beanie? It truly comes down to what beanie you have to work with! Have a look at these color combinations articles for more ideas.  I do think it’s okey to match the beanie with your shoes or your bag, but perhaps not both at the same time. It’s really chic however to match your top/jacket with the beanie. It creates a fun but unexpected coherency in the outfit. 

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Street Style Inspiration

And as always, some street style inspiration for you! First out is this gorgeous yellow and blue combination. I love how the colors are layered, creating a very chic and cohesive look. The blue beanie reconnects nicely with the blue set. Love how awkward and fashionable the lavender beanie is in the second outfit. Love how well it contrasts the green and orange hues of the coat. I’ve always been a fan of combining white and pink and this close-up shows why it’s such a great match. Love the soft vibe of the pink and the cozy look for the white jacket. Love how easy the fourth outfit is with the orange beanie and how it matches the knitted sweater. The same is also obvious in the fifth picture, with the yellow beanie being a perfect match with the yellow knitted sweater. Love how cute a matchy look is sometimes! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the colorful beanies 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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9 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Colorful Beanies 2021

  1. Beanies are always my favorite for covering up my bad hair days and roots! lol.. and now that you’ve mentioned the bubble gum pink color – I’ll be on the hunt! What a fun color to find for winter. Happy weekend friend!


    1. Hahah that’s great! The colorful beanies are surely a nice pop of color to the winter fashion! Xx

  2. Hey Mia! Hope you’re having a good Friday 🙂

    You know I’ve been looking for ways to add more color to my outfits, this is definitely a good idea to do this without spending too many resources. I like that these options are not the typical black or gray beanie you already have at home, this is going beyond and it has to add with spicing up your outfit a little bit. Wouldn’t mind to have the blue one or maybe one in pastel tones, maybe one from Acne Studios? I hope so *_*

    Happy weekend and thanks for your support!


    1. Same to you Pablo!! Hahah I agree! Such an easy and cheap way of adding more color to an outfit. I actually got a pink beanie from H&M that’s close to the one of Acne Studios. I was looking for a colorful beanie and saw this one on sale on H&M for 4 euros and one of the comments were: It looks like the one from Acne, but it’s cheaper. So well, haha I’m happy with my purchase. It’s so warm and really chic! Xx

  3. I love colorful beanies and I have plenty in my collection. Last winter I bought a bright pink one and I have been wearing it non stop!!x


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