Trend Alert: Chunky Cardigan 2021

Folks! I actually wrote a trend alert on the cardigan 1.5 years ago, but you know what, this classic item is bigger than ever and often done in that chunky, cozy, style – so here we go again! The chunky cardigan 2021 is all about that playful, fashionable, statement. Find more trend alerts here. 

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Chunky Cardigan 2021

The chunky cardigan 2021 is all about that oversized, voluminous, style. The cardigan is common in pastels such as baby pink, dove blue and lavender; but more timeless styles such as white and beige are also popular. The chunky cardigan 2021 is sometimes paired with a matching, knitted, top, but also common with cami tops, basic t-shirts and preppy dresses. It’s also quite common to work the chunky cardigan with statement buttons!

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How To Style It

I love the idea of working the chunky cardigan with some flared, high-waisted, jeans and a pair of boots for fall. Also, chic to go for the cardigan with a silk skirt if you own one, or even better – a sequin. Perfect to layer up a midi leather skirt with a knitted cardigan too. As for tops, I think a cami top/slip dress are superb alternatives. A turtleneck in the same color as the cardigan could also be cute. Love the idea of going for a graphic tee with a more preppy chunky cardigan. If your cardigan is a bit oversized too, try a blouse under!

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Street Style

And some street style ideas!  I’m having such a big crush on this statement cardigan in the first pic. Love the subtle 70s vibe with the white t-shirt and cardigan too. The tucked in cardigan in the second outfit also shows how fashionable it is to let the piece work as a top as well. As for the third look, love the matching top and cardigan! So so chic, I’d wear this look all day everyday. The fourth outfit is more of a statement, but oh so good with matching cardigan/skirt and the boots. Love it! The final look is so wearable thanks to the graphic t-shirt and jeans duo. Love it with the chunky cardigan! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the chunky cardigan 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Chunky Cardigan 2021

  1. Hello Mia! I hope you’re doing well!

    I have to confess I still need to get a chunky cardigan, I still don’t have one but I have time till cold arrives 🙂 Maybe one like the second one in a red vibrant color could work since they work as a statement piece.

    And thanks also for the styling tips, they are easy to achieve and the best way is to use what we already have!


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