Trend Alert: Buttons Summer 2019

What a fun way to start this week with a very detailed trend alert! Because if you haven’t noticed, the buttons are kind of the hottest detail at the moment. Especially when done in combination with linen and earthy colors, but also denim and leather. But, what’s really the buzz about buttons this summer? Well, here’s a trend alert on the subject:

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Buttons Summer 2019

So you know that style of midi dress everyone is working this summer? The quite defined one, with a midsection of buttons? Or that midi skirt in linen (or denim) with buttons? Well you get the idea – the buttons are used a lot this summer and are both a stylish and a functional element. I’d say that they’re mainly two categories in this trend. The first one is the style of button that’s more “natural” in an often dark brown color and paired with fabrics in earthy shades of beige, off-white and olive green. This category is probably the most common one. The second category is the kind of button that’s used for cuffs and collars and is way more refined and retro in its style. This look is also popular and is often well-matched with oversized sleeves and other elements of the 1980s. Perhaps a white satin blouse with defined wrists and a high collar? Well, anyways, this style is common too but perhaps not as wearable as the first category.

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How To Style Them

As you know by now, I’m a huge fan of keeping the fashion simple but fashionable during summer. Going for clothing pieces with notable buttons are definitely one way to embrace the simplified summer fashion. And so is the case because the buttons are making the clothing pieces more interesting, kind of having the same function as a belt or a necklace would. That’s why you can maintain interesting looks without having to layer up completely with accessories. Just complement the look with a chic pair of shoes, some sunglasses and perhaps a trendy bag to keep the natural mood alive. Also pair with other linen materials to enhance the more earthy fashion. I also like the idea of taking a preppy buttoned blouse and pair it with denim. Like a denim skirt, or a pair of denim shorts – just give them that pop! A denim skirt with buttons is also a nice match with a graphic t-shirt or just a simple white one too.

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Street Style Inspiration

And how about some stylish outfits on the subject? Well, love the business style of the first outfit. So stylish with the matching set and how the buttons make up for a nice detail. The second look is quite stylish with the print mix and the way the buttons centers the attention to the midsection of the outfit. Love the denim skirt in the third outfit and the puffy blouse. The buttons make the skirt more interesting as they make it more dynamic. And how fresh isn’t the fourth look for summer? Absolutely adore the oversized buttons with the white linen fabric. So stylish and chill. The fifth look is perhaps more preppy, but also shows how the buttons can be done in that way too. Love the colorful top and how the sunglasses enhances that style! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the buttons summer 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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14 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Buttons Summer 2019

  1. Yay! Buttons! haha; for some reason they always remind me of Autumn – in the very best of ways. I adore the idea of a button-up jumpsuit; that could look so dramatic and retro – like the one you’ve shared first in this post! 🙂 x

    1. So true though! I’m wearing a leopard dress right now with big buttons in the middle. Adore this style! Xx

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