Trend Alert: Brown Leather 2021

Folks! Brown leather 2021 is definitely a thing. With the popularity of brown this year, and going for a monochromatic leather look, brown and leather is a perfect combo this winter and holiday season. Here’s a trend alert on brown leather 2021:

Courtsey of Saint Laurent | Pre-fall 2021

Brown Leather 2021

So as I already said, brown and leather is one of the hottest combinations this season. Brown has become a trendy color again with the emerging of the early 00s fashion. As the 70s are probably the next big fashion decade, brown is sure to stay and brown leather in specific too! Brown leather has been popular for pants and jackets mainly, but a lot of shirts and jackets have also been done in brown leather.

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How To Style It

Although brown is not the first color you think about when going for colors, I think it’s an absolute must! Brown leather with orange must be one of the best color combinations there is. Yes, the 70s vibe is strong, but with some modern details you’ll have a fashionable outfit. I also love the idea of going for a pea green or sunny yellow with brown leather. A bright pink could also be a nice choice. And, yes, it’s totally possible to wear neon colors with brown leather. Lime green, yellow, cobalt blue etc – go for it! If you want to make brown leather less intimidating, I suggest going for beige and brown! 

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Street Style Inspiration

And here’s some street style inspiration! I love the first pic with the brown leather and denim combination! So casual chic with the preppy leather jacket and the stylish jeans, not to forget the dad sneakers. I also love the brown leather with the orange jacket in the second picture. Orange and brown leather is such a fashionable combination. However, the third picture also shows how nice brown leather is with a bright purple. Such a wearable and bold combo. Love the deconstructed orange top in the fourth outfit, works so well with the orange top. The brown accessories in the last pic are also very nice with the beige shades.

Folks! What are your thoughts on brown leather 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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