Trend Alert: Boilersuit 2020

A chic trend this fall is the boilersuit trend. It’s retro, fun to style and quite wearable. The boilersuit 2020 is perhaps extra wearable with its often beige, green and neutral hues. Find previous articles in the trend alert series here, and an article on the fall trends 2020 here

Picture by Peter Stanglmayr | Ulla Johnson Resort 2020

Boilersuit 2020

The boilersuit 2020 has a playful 70s/80s vibe to it, with the semi-loose fit and colorful hues. It’s commonly done with highlighted buttons, pockets and a seam that highlights the waist. The boilersuit is often done maxi with long arms, although it’s common to roll up the sleeves to 3/4. Frequent colors are brown, olive, beige, pink and blue. Materials such as denim, leather and corduroy have been popular too.

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How To Style It 

A simple way of styling the boilersuit is to keep the retro vibe by adding oversized jackets or blazers. A cropped puff jacket can be chic, but also an oversized blazer. You can also keep the retro vibe with a denim jacket or leather, but remember to reach for a more chunky style as the boilersuit tends to be quite chunky. I also like the idea of choosing a pair of sneakers, to add to the casual vibe. A pair of fitted boots, to go under the boilersuit, would also do! It could be chic to create a layered look with a turtleneck or why not a matching shirt? One thing to keep in mind is that it’s favourable to accentuate the waist. You can do this by using the built-in belt or to add one of your own! 

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Street Style Inspiration

Love the oversized boilersuit in the first outfit. Chic with the minimalist black accessories to accompany it. The layering in the second picture is really interesting. Love how well the colors are matching. The light blue boilersuit in the third outfit is crispy and chic. Love the glam necklace that adds a more luxe touch. The fourth look is quite simple but also more glam with the green shoes. Would’ve loved an orange bag with this look, but it works well like this too. The color matching in the last picture is so good. So random, but so stylish! Love the gold earrings too, they complement the yellow in a favourable way! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the boilersuit fall 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Boilersuit 2020

  1. Hey this trend is so good!

    It is weird to see how garments that were meant to be used in other context are translated to street style and trendy options. I really like this piece, but maybe it is not for everybody… but who knows?! Maybe I should try it and I like it, obviously I’d go for a more classic option and mix it with a more colorful piece like your options… The first one in light brown is my favorite since it can be added as a timeless pieces that offers many combinations!


    1. I think you’d pull off this piece so well! Such a good vibe with the casual yet chic style! Xx

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