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Another week and another trend deserving the spotlight in the #TrendAlert series. This time it’s the lovely shade blush that should have some extra love. Here’s blush 2017:

Blush 2017

I think there are several reasons why blush is trending, and trending big, in 2017. It is a perfect compromise of a color and a neutral. It passes within the same “color” neutrality as grey and beige, but still a step bolder. That’s why it works so well for all the fashionistas that prefer neutrality, as well as the ones that like the splash of color.

Blush 2017 comes in any form thinkable. That’s usually how it is with colors, as they’re so easy to transform to whatever shape a designer thinks is fashionable. I’ve mainly seen it done for tops and accessories though. A lot of blush tees, dresses, sweaters, crop tops, but also shoes, bags and caps. The statement version of blush has been in the texture of (faux) suede, as the two of them is quite the lovely combo.

What To Think About

As blush counts as a neutral color, it’s both quite friendly and specific to match with. It works perfect with more faded and less intense shades as emerald colors, grey, beige and white. Especially blush with forest green, mustard yellow, navy, and even dark brown, are fun and exciting combinations beyond your regular black & grey look. The one thing to think about, try to match color with the same intensity frequency as blush to avoid colors to clash.

That means that neon shades, or other popping colors, might be a bit awkward to do for a blush shade. But hey, I love to be challenged with color combinations. So a bold red and blush might be something that can work. Pink in the bolder shades and blush is another combo that can happen. I’m having a hard time seeing blush and neon orange be a hit, but within the world of fashion everything is possible. Two other combinations that I’d love to see is blush and silver metallic + blush and tan. Quite classic but also quite bold.

A look that works

I usually take an outfit that’s a street style, as they’re easier to relate to, but I think this styling from Isabel Marant’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection is brilliant. The blush shade of the top is a bit darker than the the one trending, but a gorgeous one nevertheless. Love the layering of the striped shirt and the top. Lovely to let the collar + sleeves + length pop out. The stripes looks slightly pink too, which is intensified by the blush color. The pink shade connects to the shoes too, as they’re in a similar shade. Just a great outfit that demonstrates how one can go layered, bright and fresh for spring (even though this is “a look for fall”).


Folks! How are you working the blush 2017? With love or skepticism? Drop a comment and have a lovely week babes! Xx

Blush 2017 | The Fashion FolksCourtsey of Isabel Marant (Pre-Fall 2017)

54 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Blush 2017

  1. I’m all about the blush right now, so I’m loving this! Yes to blush + silver/metallic, I think that’s such a great look. I also love blush + olive and blush + navy blue. I can’t get enough of this color right now!

  2. I think blush is perfect for the season! I only have a few blush pieces, some unfortunately are a bit outdated but I think a bodysuit will always be cute! And I think a blush skirt is super romantic looking <3

  3. I am totally welcome the blush tone with open arms and plenty of love this year!! On others. 🙂

    You know me, I’m a simple gal. Many tones of black is my jam.

    I can see myself experimenting a bit more with the right pieces though. I am absolutely thrilled by the idea of the blush pink and red combo. Or the blush pink and silver! I don’t think I can pull off anything too girly, simply because my personality will clash too hard, but I would love to incorporate it in other ways!

    Style Tomes

    1. Hahah but yes though! Finding the right balance between what you’re wearing and your personality is key! Xx

  4. Love your explanation as to why blush would be trending, that’s such a good point – it sits comfortably somewhere on the scale between natural and colour. Plus, it’s a universally flattering shade!!

  5. Ooooh yes yes yes to this style! I don’t have many items of clothing that would really fit in with this theme – I think it’s time for a shopping trip haha!

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Hahah, it’s always lovely to add a few new pieces to the wardrobe! Xx

    1. Oh that’s lovely! I think it’s so gorgeous for spring too! Xx

  6. I love the blush colours! It seems to be here to stay for a while now. I bought a blush fur coat a few years ago and still love it. These are wonderful inspirational style photos.

  7. Girl I LOVE this trend. I could go on covered in blush pieces every single day if I could. I think the darker shade will be gorgeous going into Fall as well.

    Have a lovely new week Mia!

    1. So true though! So easy to ignore a color, but even better to find the perfect shade! Xx

  8. Once again, we are on the same wavelength and at this point, it no longer surprises me. We need to come up with our own magazine or commentary of some sort, lol; I’ll be talking pink (and blush) tomorrow. I nodded throughout this entire post, I agree with everything you’ve mentioned here in regards to styling and why it’s trending so much, it really is a more approachable and versatile shade than any other. I love the idea of blush and tan, so chic and different. Thanks so much for sharing, my gorgeous friend, and I hope you have the most amazing start to your week!



    1. OH gonna catch up today love! Hahah you know that we’re heading towards that Vogue direction, but something else, something for us?! Haha love! Xx

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