Trend Alert: Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

Folks, I do talk about trends every now and then (quite often perhaps) but how about turning it into a series (#Trend Alert)? Perhaps 2-4 times a month do a trend alert and gush a bit on styling tips and overall features? Let me know in the comments! Anyways, here’s a trend alert on Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017:

Blue/White Striped Shirt 2017

Thakoon RTW Spring 2017: Courtsey of Thakoon

Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

I know that blue/white striped shirts might seem more like a fashion classic to count on (and I agree with that perspective), but – they are also trendier than ever. With the rising popularity of shirts, blouses, off shoulder tops, ruffles and statement sleeves, they ought to emerge in different styles. As for 2017, the blue/white striped shirts (or blouses) comes in the shapes mentioned. Done oftenly as off the shoulder tops, or with ruffles or statement sleeves. The blue is kept rather subtle and very light, giving a subtle sophisticated vibe to them. As the stripes are so subtle, they kind of work as a neutral piece, yet an elegant one. That’s why they are so chic with the edgy denim, embroidery and fishnet as they either highlight or contrast the features depending on soft or edgy qualities.

How To Style Them

As mentioned above, the blue/white stripes are rather subtle and soft, which makes them keen to pair with almost any style. They work perfectly with the edgy style as in leather jackets and raw denim. The overall key here is to not be afraid to play with the buttons or sleeves. Try the buttons half undone or the sleeves rolled up or the other way around. Here are some concrete styling ideas for different styles:

For an edgy look

Go for contrasting pieces as a faux leather jacket, a faux suede skirt or a pair of distressed jeans. Try sharp sunnies to contrast the preppy vibes and don’t be afraid to add bold colors as red, green and orange to make it pop. 

For a classic look

Add the classic trench coat and the bright colored denim or pants. Tan (faux) leather or a tan shade in general is the classic way to go. Don’t be afraid to tuck in your shirt. Either for a high waisted skirt or jeans. To mix things up a bit: add a print that clashes with the outfit. It works as the stripes are rather subtle. Try an embroidered bag or a leo belt. Navy is also a classic go-to shade to the blue/white striped shirt/blouse.

For a fashionable look

If you want to go for a fashionable and unique look, you have to add something that’s unique to your style. Impossible for me to say what that is, but you probably already now as you’re reading this. Other than that though,  push it outside the comfort zone by adding unexpected elements. Add a statement necklace if the style allows. Try to pair the shirt with patent leather and see the effect. Go for a fun print or a fun color. Perhaps the style of the shirt is a statement with exaggerated sleeves? Go for details that make your style your own!

An Outfit That Works

Folks, do note that I try to choose an outfit that is easy to recreate and approaches as many as possible. However I think this is a simple yet chic example of how the blue/white striped shirt can be worn. Great to contrast it with black leather to make the outfit more “heavy”. Also love the blazer on the shoulder aka “stylish fashion blogger who never moves her arms”. The gold details as in the belt, the earrings and the sunnies works well to the blue/white stripes and the blazer. Great way to add a luxurious feeling!

Folks! How are you styling the blue/white striped shirt? Anyone of the suggestions above or something else? Leave a comment as always, Xx

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52 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

  1. I must admit I have been seeing this a lot but didn’t realized it was a trend and wasn’t sure how I actually feel about it. Still don’t really know. There are some pieces that I really like and others I’m like “no, please don’t”.

    Ann-Marie |

    1. I think the basic version of blue/white stripes as in a shirt is a fashion classic that always will stay trendy! Xx

  2. I’m always a big fan of a classic horizontally blue and white striped shirt, but I’m having the biggest duh-Amber! moment over the variety of tops you’ve included. I need to up my game!

    Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope you have a lovely new week Mia!

    Amber –

    1. Hahah I think we all need to step up our game, lol! Thank you love and same to you! Xx

    1. They can be so chic and the navy/white one sounds like a perfect one for spring! Xx

  3. I think that last outfit is so gorgeous! The juxtaposition of the preppy striped top with the leather is so perfect! I especially love the way the shorts look

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  4. Ahh yes! I did a post on blue and white striped shirts too.. because well.. I am obsessed and can’t seem to stop buying them! Love your style tips here, I feel another blue and white stripey purchase coming on!
    x Emily

  5. I’m loving this trend so much! I was able to find a shirt that’s my non-pregnancy size and fit it over the bump! That, my friend, is an amazing feeling right there, lol! I feel it’s one of those classic pieces that can be embraced every spring and summer, which is why I was so happy I was able to get it in my regular size to wear in the future. That said, I love that you suggested to play with the buttons on both the collar and sleeves to create different effects! I also, of course, love the idea of pairing it with leather and bright colors and prints for more impact. A major YES to a trend alert series, I love reading your thoughts and suggestions, you have an incredible sense of style! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful babe, and I hope you have the best week ahead!



    1. Hahah I can only imagine the relief though! That’s awesome love. And yes to doing it with leather, it’s a stylish combination that is so underrated. And I think Trend Alert is a thing! Xx

    1. You can indeed, so many different versions you can work with this style, love it! Xx

  6. Ahhh this is a trend I love love LOVE. As special as the print is in dress form, I adore how chic it looks as a shirt – especially with a twist, like a large pussybow or gold lace-up neckline. Fab post!!

    1. This trend with a twist is so good indeed, love the possibility of playing with details! Xx

    1. Trend alerts it is then! Can’t wait to see how you’ll work the piece babe! Xx

  7. You cannot go wrong with stripes, right? I am so on board with this trend, but still haven’t found the perfect shirt. I am thinking about combining ruffles and stripes, cause there are just too many cool statement pieces out there and I cannot afford them all so killing two birds with one stone sounds like a sensible investment! hahaha

    Have a great week, dear Mia :*

    Saida | She talks Glam

    1. Haha that sounds like a great plan babe! Ruffles and statement are a great combo, I’m sure you’ll work it flawlessly! Xx

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