Trend Alert: Beige Leather 2021

Well, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but leather is having a big moment this winter season. Black, brown and white leather is pretty classic, but how about beige leather 2021? Well, here’s a trend alert on the subject! 

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Beige Leather 2021

Beige leather 2021 is nothing complicated at all. It’s simply a mix of the two biggest trends right now, beige and leather! I’d say that accessories done in beige leather are pretty big, but beige blazers, pants, shirts and dresses are also common. And not to forget, beige leather skirts are also having their moment. There’s a vague retro vibe attached to beige leather, that often goes and in hand with brown, animal prints and all things earthy colors. So this is definitely a moment to embrace knee-high boots, turtlenecks, oversized glasses and layered outfits. 

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How To Style It

What’s great about beige, is that it’s such an easy color to style. And I think this is what you should keep in mind and let the leather material just be a fun detail. This will give your outfit another edge, and you’ll also be more creative as you’ll treat the leather material as a basic, neutral, material. If you still want to keep the outfit more neutral, I suggest you go for warm earthy colors such as brown, camel, orange and green. You can also try the neon colors for a pop or the pastels for a more fresh vibe. Especially lavender, baby blue and pea green are interesting colors with beige too. If you want to pay attention to the leather, it’s great with anything denim and faux fur. Even some faux suede will do!

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Street Style Inspiration

And some street style inspiration! Love the first look with the blazer being in focus and the white clothes complementing the color scale. The beige skirt in the second picture is a fun match with the green accessories. Also love snakeskin with the beige. Love the monochromatic mood in the third picture, so chic with the shades of camel, beige and brown. The fourth outfit is superb with the beige leather bag. Such a timeless match with the trench coat. Love the leather pants in the last picture. Really fashionable with the knitted sweater! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on beige leather 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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10 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Beige Leather 2021

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re doing fantastic!

    I adore this trend, I have a fascination for this color and for this material this season, so this is a perfect combo that can be very interesting when it comes to style it with other materials, specially knit and other warmer pieces for fall winter.

    I loved all the options you collected! Wouldn’t mind to have the leather coat in my wardrobe, but maybe next season or during the sales 🙂

    Stay safe!

    1. That’s lovely Pablo! Beige leather is definitely an interesting combination. I’m so happy you liked my picks too. Hope everything is well with you! Xx

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