Trend Alert: Asymmetrical Skirts Spring 2019

How about getting this week of fashion going with a trend alert on the asymmetrical skirts spring 2019? I must say I’m still not completely sure about what to think about the revival of this 90s/00s trend. I occasionally love it and I occasionally feel like it looks a bit too outdated. It can also be a bit tricky to style, which can be annoying when you don’t have too much time to figure out an outfit. With that said though, let’s pin down what the clothing piece is about this spring season!

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Asymmetrical Skirts Spring 2019

I’d say there are mainly two versions of the asymmetrical skirt that are trendy right now. One version is the one of an asymmetrical hemline and the other one is with layered ruffles in an asymmetrical formation. I’d say that the former is subject of a more timeless look, being common in neutral colors such as white, beige and grey. The latter is more trend sensitive with its ruffles and prints such as florals and plaid. The first version often has a slit or a higher cut, but both styles are common in the midi length or knee. The skirts have been commonly paired with crop tops, statement sleeves and simple t-shirts. Often accompanied with some slippers, a straw bag and some layered necklaces. Yup, you got the Instagram look!

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How To Style The Clothing Pieces

One of my favorite things about the asymmetrical skirts spring 2019 is that they’re perfect for this season and the summer. Of course you can layer them with tights, but I think they’re at their best with bare legs. Also, as the asymmetrical look of the skirt can create a “heavy” impression, it can be a good idea to focus on shoes that are light; like slippers or sandals (which are best experienced without tights). You can also make it trendy with some chunky sneakers, for sure, but you should still show some skin to balance the look! As for a top, I do think the asymmetrical skirt is best done when its kept fairly simple, like a t-shirt or a sweater. Going for a knitted sweater with statement sleeves can be one way of doing the skirt trendy for the transitional period. Skirts often have a preppy vibe to them, which is also why pairing with more casual clothes, such as a college sweater, can be a fun idea. I’d avoid the shoes with heavy boots and tops that are voluminous. Let the ruffles or the hemline speak for itself in this case!

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Street Style Inspiration

So this first street style look is a really trendy one with the color of the skirt, the boots, the turtleneck and the blazer! I like it a lot as it looks tidy and proper with the structure of the blazer balancing the flow of the skirt. The second look is really chic with its timeless vibe. The layered white skirt is a good match with the black knitted sweater. The mint green look feels both timeless and 1980s at the same time. I love that the look is centered around one color and the neutral choice of shoes is a good one to balance the fabric! The fourth look is quite trendy with the metallic look of the skirt, but styled in such a good way with the grey sweater, layered grey blazer and white boots. Doing your asymmetrical skirt with a structured blazer is definitely a trendy move. I appreciate the wearability of the fifth look. The pops of red throughout the outfit makes it cohesive and classic!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the asymmetrical skirts spring 2019? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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    1. Thank you for your kind words!! The skirt is really good, definitely a hit this summer! Xx

  1. And just when I thought that this trend would be more 90s or 2000s and I’m so over it – I’m looking at your inspo and think “Ok , I need such a skirt – NOW!! haha 🙂 Perfect inspo, especially loving the volants and ruffles ones ♥


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