Trend Alert: Après-ski Winter 2023

So what about an article on a really trendy style right now? Well, I hope you’re not tired of winter and winter clothes because this style is everything and a bit more. Here’s a trend alert on the Après-ski winter 2023 style and why I love it so much! Find more trend alerts here:

Courtsey of Courrèges | Pre-fall 2023

Après-ski Winter 2023

This style is characterized by oversized sweaters and hoodies, with leggings and chunky boots. Winter details such as sunglasses or a beanie also adds to this style. What’s specific about the 2023 style is that it’s both retro and very playful. Pastels such as dove blue, baby pink and baby yellow are all popular to embody this season. The sweaters are often done in a college style, often with a city or university name on them. Patterned sweaters, favorably with a winter motive are also important. As for the chunky boots, the infamous Moon boots are back in fashion indeed and work perfectly with this style. Anything with a thick sole too will do!

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How To Style It

I love this style not only because it’s incredibly comfy, but you can make it work pretty easily as many of us already have this items at home. Just pair your oversized sweater with your stylish leggings and throw on your boots and beanie, and you’re good to go. Obviously this style works best for running errands, chilling at home or actual after ski parties. You can make this look more stylish by going for colorful or patterned pieces, to embody a more fashionable look. Also matching accessories such as your beanie and gloves will help. Another trick is to go for a monochromatic outfit. If you want to make this look more preppy, add a shirt under your oversized sweater and go for pants or fitted jeans instead. You can also add a blazer to your casual look. 

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Street Style Inspiration

And here’s some street style inspiration! Love the first look with the colorful pants and matching shoes. Also so chic how the sunglasses and hoodie are matching? A very wearable après-ski look! The second look is also stylish with the cropped puffer jacket, love the pop of orange. And how classy isn’t the third look? Love the balance between elegance and sports. As for the fourth look, how gorgeous isn’t this colorful combination? The purple pants are gorgeous with the cozy sweater.

Folks! What are your thoughts on this trend? Anything you can get behind? Let’s go! Xx

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One thought on “Trend Alert: Après-ski Winter 2023

  1. I’m actually not tired of winter clothes this year mostly because we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter in NYC that I’ve hardly worn any of my heavy cold weather clothing. Winter always provides that interesting challenge of trying to look stylish while also staying warm. Loving all the color in these looks. It’s like bringing your own dose of sunshine and warmth.

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