Trend Alert: All Things Leather 2022

Folks! It’s fall, more or less, and an important staple of fall fashion is definitely leather. I mean, is there a material that’s more reliable or more fun to style than leather for fall? Here’s a trend alert on leather 2022:

Courtsey of Givenchy | Resort 2023

Leather 2022

So leather is of course always a material to rely on, but every season it slightly changes how you “should” style the leather if you want to stay trendy. For fall 2022, I’d say it’s quite influenced by the 90s and 70s fashion. We see a lot of oversized leather jackets and blazers. Also, leather skirts and pants are popular to work in the leather material. Black is, as always, dominating, but brown and green leather has also been popular.

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How To Style It

I think you can favorably style leather any way that suits you. Leather is famously a superb match with other “fall materials” such as denim, suede and anything knitted. Just going for the iconic outfit of a pair of jeans, a t-shirt tucked in, and a leather jacket is a reliable go-to look. If you own a pair of leather pants or a leather skirt, pair it with a knitted sweater or a denim jacket for a dynamic outfit. You can also favorably layer up your leather jacket with more elegant materials such as lace or organza. When working with a material so prominent as leather, it’s a good idea to balance it with another prominent material to balance its feature. As for the color matching, work it as you usually do. And one thing more, patterns such as zebra, snake or leopard are all really chic with leather. 

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Street Style Inspiration

Here’s some street style inspiration as always! Love this all green look, so chic with monochromatic leather. I love that the shoes are more minimalist, as it balances the “heavy” look of all the leather. The blazer in the second outfit is also a gem, love how classic and timeless the entire look is. The third look is the perfect example of a fall outfit. I adore a darker brown with a warm white, such a super duo. As for the fourth look, love the strong mix of 70s and 80s fashion. I think the denim skirt contrasts the leather superbly. I’ve featured the outfit in the last picture before, but I think it’s such a perfect example on how to modernize a timeless look. The glossy leather skirt works so well with the crispy and static blouse. Love it with the matching boots. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on leather 2022? How do you work this timeless material? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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3 thoughts on “Trend Alert: All Things Leather 2022

  1. Hey Mia, I hope you’re doing well! I love your current FW updates and the way you are bringing ideas related to the things you see on runway / street style.

    I think leather should be in every wardrobe during fall / winter season. The one from the runway you posted in the article is amazing: elegant, timeless and I imagine it could be styled in many different ways depending on the situations. I also liked the tips you shared, I think the idea of balancing it with another prominent material is perfect… and the good stuff is that there are many different options in every wardrobe. Denim or suede should work as you well said!

    Take care!

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