Trend Alert: 90s Fashion

Does it even make sense to write 90s fashion as a trend in 2021? Well it does, because the last decade of the 20th century is bigger than ever. Or at least the biggest it’s been in…20 years or so? The 90s fashion is everywhere atm, so here’s a trend alert on the subject!

90s Fashion

So there are several styles of the 90s’ fashion that are trending at the same time. We have the minimalist style, done in neutral colors and sans pattern. There’s also the street style with the baggy jeans, the crop tops, hoodies and mini bags. Then there’s ofc the playful barbie style with lots of colors, silky materials and statement patterns. Not to forget details such as; platform shoes, oversized blazers, shell necklaces, tinted sunglasses and graphic t-shirts. 

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How To Style It

Well, it’s difficult to be specific about how to style the 90s fashion when it’s so eclectic. My personal favorite when it comes to styling a new trend is to incorporate it with more timeless pieces. Like, a silky slip dress with a neutral blazer or baggy jeans with a white t-shirt! The main idea is to work your style as usual, but add one or two trendy items. And ofc, this is only for those of you who are interested in the 90s fashion and enjoy it! If none of the styles speak to you, sit this one out! I’ve written more specific trend alerts on the 90s’ fashion, so have a look at the blazers here, the crop top here and the slip dress here

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Street Style Inspiration

And some street style, ofc! Love the simplicity in the first look, the combination of a crop top and denim is superb. Love the fancy Chanel with the basic sneakers too. Love the playfulness in the second outfit, genius to match bag and dress. My favorite detail though are the leo socks, they’re adorable! Love the 90s’ office style vibe in the third pic, so clean to go for grey and white combo. In the fourth outfit, the baggy jeans are such a superb match with the sweater. Love that the sweater and shoes are matching too. The purple mini skirt in the last outfit is so cute. Love it with the zebra sweater. Purple and pink is such a duo!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the 90s fashion? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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