Five Tips For Healthy Nails

Are your nails splitting? Or breaking all the time? Perhaps they’re rather dry? Well, our nails might be made of hard keratin but they’re not made of stone. Using nail polish, lack in nutrition or nail removal with alcohol are all contributing factors to unhealthy nails. Folks, we might not be experts in the area but we do have some useful tips!

We know, there are endless of articles on how to get healthier hair, better skin, longer lashes, etc. And now we’re throwing another one at you. But doing minor changes in your nail care routine, or everyday life, might be a game changer. It’s not pricey, it’s not radical, it’s mostly just commonsense. But with the bucketload of information that’s out there today (thank you google), it’s not easy to keep track on all the different areas. So we did compile a minor list on things to think about!

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Healthy Nails

So keratin, which nails are made of, is another form of protein. With that said, your nails are more or less made of protein. Eating food with high protein is essential for a healthy life, so make sure that you get your daily dose. Food that is high in protein is: egg, chia seed, soya beans and seeds to mention just a few.

Nail Polish Removal

Make sure that your nail polish removal doesn’t contain any alcohol. Alcohol dries out the nails when used too often. And if you’re a fan of nail polishes like we are (aka bold nails), you might be guilty of exposing your nails to alcohol. Non alcohol options are rather common these days,  so take an extra look at the ingredients list when purchasing your nail polish removal!

Don’t bite and don’t rip

Well hello obvious! Biting on your nails, or rip nail pieces that are about to break is a no-no. Treat them with kindness, keep them in shape and they won’t disappoint!

Coconut Oil

What else if not the magical power of the coconut oil? Rich in vitamins, high in fat and quite cheap, the coconut oil is an easy solution for stronger nails. Apply some oil on your nails daily, it’ll be moisturizing for your nails!

Ain’t no tools

Yes, your nails ain’t your tools. They might be handy to use for opening jars or whenever we need something thin and sharp. But once again, they’re made of keratin, not stone so they’ll get more fragile and sooner or later also break.

Folks, that were our five tips for healthy nails and we’d love to hear yours! Comment below!

tips for healthy nails

40 thoughts on “Five Tips For Healthy Nails

  1. Great tips, hun! <3 I've heard such wonderful things about coconut oil, and I actually enjoy using argan oil on my nails. 🙂 <3 It's a little miracle in the bottle, my nails are quite weak and break off easily but that really helps. x Thanks for sharing these awesome tips! x x


  2. Keeping an eye on what nail polish remover you’re using is a great tip – so many can drastically effect nail health! Hope you’ve having a fab weekend 🙂

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