Timeless Fashion Rules We All Should Live By

Every now and then I like to bring up fashion rules/guidelines that are applicable in a more general way. Not specific rules on how you work a statement blazer in a chic way, but timeless fashion rules that are to live by in your everyday life. Here are some fashion rules that have been on my mind lately:

Timeless Fashion Rules

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Timeless Fashion Rules

Don’t Compare To Others

I know this one is easier said than done, but it’s essential that you don’t compare yourself to others. I mean, life in general but also when it comes to fashion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be inspired by others but don’t take it as far as comparing yourself with their fashion game. To begin with, we all look different. That means that an oversized blazer on your friend won’t look the same on you. Everything from height, body type to hair color (and more!) affects what the clothing piece will look like on you. And that’s not a bad thing! If anything it challenges you to find what style suits you. Perhaps it’ll be about changing the color or the style of the blazer? The thing to remember is that be inspired by others but always make sure the clothing pieces suits your style.

Style More, Shop Less

This expression has become a favorite of mine to say, as it couldn’t be more true. When you learn how to style your clothes you’ll notice how your need of buying new clothes decreases. By learning how to style better, your wardrobe will expand in size as you’ll have a whole lot of new outfits to wear. That means that there’s a likability that you won’t buy new clothes to the same extent, as there won’t be a need to buy new clothes for new looks. The environment will be happier (oh well, almost), your wallet will thank you and your brain will be happy for the challenge of styling (or something).

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Be Comfortable In Your Outfit

There’s this ridiculous idea that the more fashionable your outfit is the more uncomfortable it feels too. Perhaps it has something to do with fashion as an art form, and artsy elements in fashion are often not made to be comfortable. But let’s bring this down to your everyday life and all the times you’ve worn uncomfortable shoes, an itchy sweater, jeans that are too tights and…you get it! I’d say that the majority of a good outfit is about being comfortable in it. Away with all the elements or details that are annoying you and instead put focus on working an outfit that make you feel empowered, bold and fierce! This also comes back to knowing what clothing pieces that works for you and what clothes that make you feel extra chic. Perhaps it’s an off shoulder top or high-waisted jeans? You are the only one who knows this!

Don’t Think About Size

Though looking at the size of your clothing piece is an easy way of kind of knowing if the clothing piece will fit or not, it’s not the end of the world if you need a size bigger or smaller. Don’t be preoccupied with the size of your clothing piece, but more with how it fits you. There are different systems around the world and the measurements differs between stores too. A medium at H&M might be too small at Zara or the other way around. Sometimes you might want the fit of the clothing piece a bit more loose and will choose a larger size therefore. The point is to not feel bad if you can’t have your regular size in a clothing piece. It’s not about you, it’s about the style of the clothing piece or the measure system of the brand. Judge the fit of the clothing piece, not the number of the size. Okey? Okey!

Rely On the Staples

A final timeless fashion rule that’s been on my mind lately is to rely on the staples. With a good base of classic, wearable and versatile clothing pieces, you’re fashion game will be so much better. It’ll be easier to style as you’ll have neutral clothing pieces to always go for if you don’t want to experiment. It’ll also be easier if you’re in a hurry as you’ll have several, simple, outfits already ready to be worn with a little styling required. By relying on the wardrobe staples you’ll save time, money and energy as the basics will always have your back. They are perfect when you need to neutralize and reliable when you need to layer an outfit. Make sure that your fashion staples are the core of your wardrobe and you’re pretty much good to go!


Folks! Which one of these timeless fashion rules do you live be? Let’s chat in the comments, would love to know your opinions! Xx

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34 thoughts on “Timeless Fashion Rules We All Should Live By

  1. Great tips dear, and I couldn’t agree more, especially on 1 and 2. Indeed, it’s good to find inspiration from others, but comparing won’t give you anything positive. Also, yes, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars shopping to look stylish. There are lots of reasonably priced brands with great styles.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. I’m glad you like the post hun! Not comparing is so essential! Xx

  2. I’m definitely trying to cut down on my shopping and fashion” consumption” and to be more environmentally conscious when to comes to fashion and beauty.


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

    1. That’s so good! I need to become even more specific with beauty, but I’m getting there! Xx

  3. I fully agree with all of these! Especially size! I’ve got some items which range from XS all the way to L because I wanted different fits and some brands run differently. I agree to styling more and buying less too, that’s what I’ve been trying lately.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Oh same here! I have so many different sizes, it’s struly about the fit and not the size! Xx

    1. I know! If people would just style more we’d shop less for sure! Xx

  4. Style more and shop less is a quote I absolutely should live by a bit more often lol! Wear what you feel comfy in is my mantra, no matter if the style is currently trending or not. Have a good week babe

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. That’s great, hope you’ll find your way around it and will embrace it! Xx

  5. So many interesting and actually helpful points! Since last winter I started to adopt the idea of relying on fashion staples & build an outfit around it! And the rule styling more and buying less is something I adopted last year too. And I am amazed how versatile almost every piece of clothing you own is! We all need to practice this tip more often!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks

    1. That’s great, I’m so happy to hear that! And yes, there’s so much exploring to do with the pieces you already own! Xx

  6. Hi again Mia, hope you’re having a nice week and it is always good to stop here due to the refreshing content you provide.
    I wish I could see more content like this in other “blogs” instead of the usual repetition. I would say us as bloggers and content creators have a great responsibility when it comes to fashion and the way it represents society and it changes, I really congratulate you for this real life that will help us not only to achieve a style but also to help the planet by consuming less and to change the current paradigma and how many people understand fashion.
    Best and I promise I will apply all of this tips! Worth reading!

    1. You’re so lovely Pablo, thank you for all the encouraging comments! They really make my day! Xx

  7. Ah-greed, Mia! Fit is so much more important than what the size on the tag says. Nice fitting clothing is also a great way to make people think you spent more than you did 😉 Style more, shop less has been my motto for a little bit and I have noticed such a difference in my creativity. Happy Wednesday, love! xx


    1. Hahah true though, it’s a good fashion hack! I’m glad you like it too! Xx

  8. Being comfortable in any outfit is really important, there are countless times when I wore a pair of extra tight jeans that I couldn’t breath in or a pair of shoes that were too high for me and I couldn’t walk haha.


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