Throwback: Fashion Trends Summer 2016

You know what folks? We all know that trends comes and goes and what was popular last season is perhaps not as popular this summer. Even though we still see the trends of last year, they’re not getting as much as attention (more or less). Reality tells though that a lot of us are probably having last year’s trends hanging in our wardrobes and as it’s more about style, than trends, why not do a favor in a recycling manner and retrieve some of the fashion trends summer 2016?Gucci Resort 2016 Fashion Trends Summer 2016 Floral Dress

Courtsey of Gucci (resort 2016)

Fashion Trends Summer 2016

Statement Sleeves

Okey the statement sleeves are still pretty much everywhere, even though they’re not as talked about as a year ago. They’re still popular for blouses and dresses, even though some sweater versions and coats popped up during the colder months. The trend is a terrific example of impractical fashion, as they look better than they are practical to wear. Do the statement in a cute blouse with some nice embroidery or lace details to get the ultimate summer feeling.


I don’t know where the culottes went, but they’re kind of too good to ignore, huh? They are comfortable, easy to style and can also be worn during hot summer days thanks to their flowy style. They are equally chic in a fun print as in a neutral color as black, navy, grey or white. Spice it up for summer 2017 with culottes in a fun texture (faux suede/leather?) and add the pop of color.

Off Shoulder

Another impractical fashion trend (why not make the most of the impracticality whilst we’re at it) is the off shoulder trend. Done in tops, blouses, dresses and sweaters, the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Go for a chic updo to emphasis the off shoulder style or make the trend even chicer with a summer style print or color. Blush pink is a trending color that’s lovely to combine with the off shoulder style.


Playsuits are always a returning trend but hit the popular bar for real last year. Often done in a trendy style as the off shoulder look or the statement sleeves. Playsuits in a kimono style were also quite popular. Well, the clothing piece works this year too and you can easily go for the stylish life  by this one clothing item. As talked about in this post, How To Level Up Your Fashion Summer Style, you only need one piece to look effortlessly chic.


To be honest, I had almost forgotten the buzz of the chokers. Even though people are still working them, they definitely feel like a trend piece that came, said bonjour and left quicker than quick. Well, I still think they’re rather stylish and is quite the interesting contrast to do with an off shoulder look!


Folks! Which trend of summer 2016 is your favorite and what are you still working this year? Drop a comment below! Xx

44 thoughts on “Throwback: Fashion Trends Summer 2016

  1. I for one is glad that the choker trend is gone, it just never looked quite right to me. And I do think off shoulder is here to stay, it’s just beautiful!

    1. Hahaha, that’s a perspective too though! Love off shoulder, hopefully it’s found its place! Xx

  2. I love how off the shoulder tops and dresses are still in style, because my wardrobe is FULL of them (and I literally just bought a blue gingham off the shoulder top this afternoon haha!). Fabulous post, once I’m back home I’ll be digging through my wardrobe…

  3. I believe all of them are still pretty popular! The off shoulder tops/dresses trend is always hot during summer and spring. As for culottes, they are fantastic and super chic, but I believe a lot of peeps are afraid of trying them, so probably that’s why they are not seen that much, although I’ve noticed a lot of different ones in the fast fashion stores. Have a lovely day! xx


    1. Yes they are still quite popular, but they’re not in the spotlight in the same way as a year ago. Thankfully though, trends sticks around for quite some time and sometimes becomes a basic too (like the turtleneck) and stays around for a bit longer than the average. So hopefully the off shoulder style is going for it too! Xx

  4. I LOVE that your encouraging that we continue to embrace past trends. I’m the type of person that if I really love something, I buy it and wear it, regardless of whether or not it’s still trending, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cross my mind if I look a bit…dated. I’ve thought this with pom pom sandals. They too were huge last season and I haven’t really seen them given as much love and intention this season so far, but I still love them! Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. That’s truly the way to do it though! So right with the pom pom sandals, loved that trend and I had already forgotten about it? Damn, haha thank you for the reminder babe!! Xx

    1. Oh yes, that’s the best part when trends sticks around for a little bit longer! Xx

    1. Yes, they’ll probably stick around for quite some time now. Even though they’re not in the spotlight anylonger! Xx

  5. My bank account is thanking you for this post 😉 It’s so true that we have so much Summer ’16 in our closets, so why not reuse recycle?! The OTS look is something I am still very much obsessed with. Summer is so short – I feel like I didn’t fully take advantage of it last year. Totally agreed on the chokers – they came and went, but how good do they look with OTS outfits?!


    1. Hahah no problems babe! Recycling the closet is the best one. And the chokers are so much fun, Xx

  6. I love off shoulder clothes, I started buying off shoulder tops and dresses last summer and I am still loving the purchasing them this year. This trend is so feminine and classy!! xx


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