Three Wearable Ways To Work the 1980s

So the 1980s are trending and while I have tried to ignore it for a good couple of seasons, I have to admit that I enjoy certain aspects of the decade. For instance, there’s a maximalism and pushing of fashion boundaries that serves as an encouragement to be more bold in your own fashion life. So why not pick the chocolate bits out of the cookie and pin down the best and most wearable ways to work the 1980s fashion? Here’s some guidelines:

Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2018 - Work the 1980s

Courtsey of Prabal Gurung | Pre-Fall 2018

Work the 1980s

1. Make it look modern

The first thing you can do is to style it with modern elements. One of the most common reasons people shy away from trying styles from earlier decades is that, well, it looks unmodern. Nothing wrong with looking unmodern, but if that’s the reason you ignore to try elements from earlier fashion – that’s a problem. So what you can do is to make sure to style the fashion in a modern way. Let the piece(s) you choose be balanced with modern elements. For instance, if you’re working a 1980s blazer, match it with distressed jeans and a simple white tee. If you’re wearing a typical 1980s color (like lilac), turn it into a contemporay color combination. Red  and lilac is popular at the moment, also chic to add some silver or why not go monochromatic with a darker purple? What element(s) you choose from the 1980s will decide what modern elements you add to the outfit. Something old and something new in combo!

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2. Be inspired by the ideas

Another way to make it wearable is to be inspired by the decade. Not copy, but analyze how did they did something and try something similar. For instance, the 1980s was a wild mix of prints. Instead of going for typical 1980s prints in combination, choose modern ones in modern styles. Stripes with florals or leo are common these days. Also florals with dots or gingham with leo! Something else to draw inspiration from are the materials of the decade. Denim, leather and fur (choose faux!!!) were major during the 1980s and central in the fashion. Letting the material be in focus, perhaps go monochromatic or match with subtle prints, is a way to make the 1980s wearable. Just be sure to choose contemporary pieces to create a modern and upbeat feeling!

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3. Stick to one piece

The third and perhaps the most foolproof thing you can do is to limit the 1980s influence to one item per outfit. If you go for the oversized baggy pants, let them be contrasted with something modern. Don’t underline the 1980s vibe but think of ways to contrast it. By only letting one thing from the livly decade be worked in the outfit, the unmodern vibe will be balanced by the modern pieces! The more secure you feel about working typical clothing pieces from a specific decade, the easier it will be to dare more!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the decade and these wearable ways to work the 1980s fashion?

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30 thoughts on “Three Wearable Ways To Work the 1980s

  1. Sticking to one piece and taking inspiration rather than copying are such great tips. It’s hard to work new trends in sometimes when you’re overdoing it. It can look pretty crazy. I love the images you’ve selected. That first one is so pretty! Playing with volume is so great – I need to definitely do that much more.


    1. It is indeed! But sometimes, just looking at what the people were wearing helps creating new and modern looks! Xx

  2. These are good tips – especially the last one! I don’t have many 80s inspired pieces in my wardrobe, but it was a fun era for fashion! 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Our weather wasn’t as bad as predicted so we got to spend some time outside and by the pool which was awesome. 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. These are all such great tips! I think this is one of the most intimidating decades to embrace because everything was sort of over the top and more is well, MORE! So, I think the tips on selecting one piece from the decade along with the one on fusing it with a more modern piece makes for a more practical and stylish formula. Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great weekend!



    1. It’s a tricky one indeed but quite fun to embrace when you’re comfortable with it! Xx

  4. I can definitely see 80’s fashion making a bit of a comeback lately, which is cool! When I think the 80’s, I definitely think bold prints, colours and shapes. Of course I am no expert, but that’s just what it makes me think of! The mixing of prints is definitely very bold, I can’t imagine pulling off an outfit that would combine all those different patterns and prints, but the one in the pic you showed looks totally amazing, I am surprised by how well it all blends together! I like the idea of being inspired by the past trends… I think that a lot of modern trends are just that, too – you see so many influences from the past, which is awesome. Thanks for sharing, lovely. <3 xoxo


    1. I know! I love how fashion moves in circles and how past trends are done in a contemporary style! Xx

    1. Well of course, but it’s inevitable not to include contemporary pieces every now and then if you want you style to evolve and not look like a time capsule from a specific decade! Xx

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