Three Tips When Layering Spring Clothes

Folks! I’ve talked about how to layer on several occasions before but as the styling tricks differs slightly from season to season, I thought I’d bring up some ideas again. Here are three tips when layering spring clothes:

How To Layer An Outfit - Layering Spring Clothes

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Layering Spring Clothes

Layer With Textures

A simple way to give life to an outfit is to layer with different textures. Materials that are opposing each other tends to create an interesting effect with the clash and is therefore reliable when some energy is needed in an outfit. I’m talking textures as (faux) leather, lace, knitwear, mesh and so on. For instance you can go for a top in a lace material and layer it with a knitted sweater to create an interesting contrast. The key is often to have the lighter material under and layer with the heavier material. Layering with different textures is also a great trick when you need to balance your outfit. Either if it’s too preppy or too edgy, you can create a better balance by adding a contrasting material.

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Layer Monochromatic

If there’s only one styling trick you should take with you from this article it’s this one. Layering with the same color is a really simple way of elevating your style. Your outfit will look neat and coherent as it’ll be in the same color scale, yet interesting with the different layers of the outfit and shades as well. I think that both colors that are closely related (as lilac and violet) or colors that are distinctively opposing (dusty pink and neon pink), are chic to do. If you pick two shades from the same color you are however pretty safe to match them regardless of how they relate as it’s the same color. It doesn’t matter which color you go for which layer. Honestly, the best part about this trick is that you can take whatever relating pieces you have in your wardrobe and create monochromatic layers!

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Layer With Lengths

A third trick that helps when layering is to go for different lengths. Preferably that your first layer should be longer than the top layer. This goes for the length of the clothing piece but can also be fun doing with sleeves and even the collar. If you have a shirt, it’s extra chic to do with a sweater over, perhaps one in a contrasting color. Also, if you have a top with cute details by the wrists, it’s chic to let that be visible. If you want to wear more prints, this styling trick is a great first step as you can choose the patterned piece for the first layer and by doing so, tone down the print with a clothing piece over it.


Folks! Which one of these tips when layering spring clothes is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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14 thoughts on “Three Tips When Layering Spring Clothes

  1. The lace skirt +sweater combo – SO GOOD. I wish I could still wear sweaters here. I’d wear that combo in a heartbeat.

    1. I know, I love it too! Such a magical combination of different materials! Xx

  2. Great tips, as always, girlie! I love to mix up and have fun with different textures, particularly mesh and lace this of year. Like you, I LOVE monochrome. It’s one of my go-to looks all year long when I just don’t know what to wear or in a rush to head out the door with Aviah. Out of all the looks you’ve shared here, that first one with those thigh high leather camel boots are my FAVE! Such a perfectly executed look. Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. I know right? So much fun to go for the monochromatic style when creating a layered look. And I know, the first one is a work of art. Definitely need the boots! Xx

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