Three Questions About Fall Essentials

We caught up with our fashion profile (@mmkaii on instagram) to have a little chat about some last minute fall essentials.

What makes a good fall essential?
I would say something fashionable, easy to match and yet cozy. Favorable if it’s in a perfect fall color, why not burgundy red? These three factors and there you have a great fall essential. An oversized sweater is never wrong!

How about a fall essential that is trending this fall?
Yes, the go-to would be the turtleneck sweater. Kind of everyone wears one these days, but it is fully understandable as it fills all the demands for a good fall essential!

Lastly, three fall essentials you love this year?
My fall essentials this year are; my oversized scarf in Scottish print, my knitted socks and finally I can’t forget about my sweater that is my mom’s old one. It’s fashion, easy to match and very cozy. Definitely a fall essential this year!

Fashion Profile

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