Three Outfit Ideas Summer 2019

I love to put together outfits. I love to discover new combinations of different materials, patterns, colors and details. I must admit though, I’m not as good as I should be when it comes to taking the time and put outfits together properly. I often rush or I’m a bit too lazy. Anyways, as the year progress, I definitely wanna improve in this area and would love to share more ideas here. Nothing too crazy or innovative, but just simple outfits that are wearable and that you can recreate with pieces you hopefully already own. Here’s three outfit ideas summer 2019: 

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Outfit Ideas Summer 2019

Floral Midi Dress with Chunky Sneakers

With the trend of floral dresses, I assume that many of us have at least one floral dress in our wardrobes. My favorite at the moment is the floral midi dress as I love the sophisticated and old school style of the midi length. The floral midi dress can sometimes come off as too sweet though, which is where the sneakers come in as a balance. Going for a chunky pair of sneakers adds “weight” to the outfit which neutralizes the preppiness of the floral midi dress. This outfit combination is superb on days the temperatures aren’t too high! If you want to be extra nerdy, a floral pattern with anything white and white sneakers is a really great and summer fresh combination. 

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Blouse with Denim

The transparent or semi-transparent blouse is another popular clothing item this summer. A classic blouse with some good ol’ statement sleeves is also popular. If you want to embrace this trend, I suggest pairing your blouse with some denim. Denim shorts if you want to make the look a bit sporty or a denim skirt if you want to keep it more chic. I love the idea of tucking in the blouse to give the outfit some structure and also add a belt to enhance the effect. This outfit can favorably be matched with a pair of boots to give it an edge or some slippers to keep it light and suitable for summer. A pair of statement sunnies can also elevate the outfit as well as choosing jewelries and other accessories that enrich the look. Going for a scarf is really popular atm! 

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Statement Skirt with Slippers

The skirts are definitely the go-to clothing piece this summer, and with all right. They’re great to wear on warm days, comfortable and fairly easy to style. I love the idea of doing a patterned skirt or a linen with some simple slippers. The slippers will help balancing the fabric of the skirt and also add that summer touch. Do your statement skirt with a white t-shirt to complement any heavy pattern or color. A nice blouse with a skirt and some slippers can be nice for a dinner out or a nice event. Choose a pair of slippers that are really comfortable if you’re gonna walk a lot! 

Folks! Which one of these outfit ideas summer 2019 is your favorite? Xx

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  1. these are great ideas! I tend to love simple dresses and sandals a lot in summer. Shorts too of course!

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

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