Three Looks From the Resort 2019 Collections

What’s a better thing to do on a grey Thursday than to chat a bit about three really colorful looks from the resort 2019 collections? Seldom has fashion and color been so therapeutic in its simplicity and combination! Here are three colorful looks and why I appreciate them:

Resort 2019 Collections

Escada Resort 2018

I feel like there’s no need to stress again how much I like the monochromatic look at the moment. But that’s also what’s making this look as good as it is. The print itself is okey on its own,  but is done even better from top to toe. The print pops and so does the colors (also, how gorgeous isn’t the hand painted style?). As the floral print is quite energetic with its distinct colors – the balance of the fitted suit and belt helps contrasting the look.  Adore when prints are done this way! Great choice to go with a really simple pair of shoes to avoid making the clothes look heavy and even better that both the shoes and the bag is reflected color-wise! Also love the hairdo, which underlines the business vibe in this! Just an energizing look that makes you happy!

Resort 2019 Collections - Escada

Courtsey of Escada | Resort 2019

MSGM Resort 2018

So these jackets might not be nowhere near flattering, yet still they’re interesting, quite chic and definitely memorable. The print mix done is pretty crazy but works well as the prints more or less shares the same colors of white, black, orange and blue. There’s highly likely that you’ll grow tired of these looks too, but as a dose of inspiration on a grey day in November, they’re doing their job really well. I appreciate the intention of taking the print mix a step further with the animal boots, but I wish they’d done it in the same color scale, like an orange snake print! Overall though, these looks are a great reminder to stepping up the print game. Fashion becomes more energetic and fun by doing so, I promise!

Resort 2019 Collections - MSGM

Courtsey of MSGM | Resort 2019

Delpozo Resort 2018

A pink and red combination is never wrong and definitely not so when signed by Delpozo. Out of all these looks this is probably the one that’s the most wearable too, being really business chic with the simples pants, the preppy sweater and the cute bow. So cute to go for a blush pink shirt under instead of a classic white, it ties together the pink in the outfit in a better way. The blue in the shoes makes up for a nice contrast, but a pair of leo shoes would be even more interesting if you ask me. The metallic bag is okey too, matching the blue shoes pretty well! A purple bag would also be a great match, making it pop  with the warmer shades!


Folks! What are your thoughts on these colorful and cheerful looks from the resort 2019 collections? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

Resort 2019 Collections - Delpozo

Courtsey of Delpozo | Resort 2019

12 thoughts on “Three Looks From the Resort 2019 Collections

  1. I must confess I do not check Resort collections as much as the others major collections or haute couture, but I’m always updated thanks to The Fashion Folks haha!

    I have a friend who’s working at Escada and he mentioned me the brand is having a revival and I can totally notice that, now is time for them to upgrade the game and if they play it with a good strategy they could make a big comeback (I feel like the brand stayed in the darkness for a little bit, don’t you think?)

    On the other hand I really love what Josep Font did with Del Pozo, this brand is so magical and I’m sad he left, so now I’m expecting what will the new director is planning for the brand 😮

    1. That’s so interesting though! Still feels like Escada is mainly known for their perfumes, but they surely have potential to step up the game too!! Xx

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