Three Ideas For Lips Fall 2020

Although fall is kind of famous for rainy and windy days, it’s still one of the best seasons to wear a lipstick. Perhaps because it’s the season of darker and more vampy colors! Just nothing like a dark purple shade for those October nights. Anyway, here are three ideas for lips fall 2020: 

Lips Fall 2020

Dark Red Lips

As much as I love a good red lip, there’s nothing like hitting a darker shade for fall. The dark red lips are dramatic indeed, but can be nicely pulled off with minimal makeup and a matching outfit. Go for a simple eye makeup, semi-dark eyebrows and you’ll be good to go! Perhaps a touch of blush to reconnect with the color of the lips. I also love the idea of going for a monochromatic white outfit and dark red lips. 

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Orange Lips

So orange is definitely peak fall with Halloween. But who says you can’t work the orange life today? Gorgeous alternative to a classic red lip too. Also, great if you love the peachy shades but want something else for fall. Love the idea of working this with a top in olive green, or navy blue or a mustard yellow. Way to go if you want to embrace the fall colors. 

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Plum Lips

Another color of fall is definitely purple. As purple can come off as cool and too blueish, it can be a good idea to go for a warmer shade of purple, such as the plum color. Really chic if you work a pink top, especially a dusty pink. Something beige could also do. The plum lips would also be chic with some metallic details in your makeup, such as a gold shimmering eyeshadow! 

Folks! How are you wearing the lips fall 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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