Three Fashionable Looks Spring 2019

How about some fashionable inspiration for the weekend? I like to every now and then go through some collections for either resort or pre-fall as I think those collections are often more wearable and realistic, compared to the ones of the fashion weeks. Even more fun to analyze and pin down what actually make the looks work. And as spring is fresh and breezy, why not make the most of it by analyzing three fashionable looks spring 2019? A very good idea indeed if you ask me!

Fashionable Looks Spring 2019


Although this Delpozo collection is supposed to be for fall, I can’t help but to feel that it’s more fitted for spring with its color combinations and floral patterns. One look I adore in specific is this floral set in blue and orange. The structure of the top with the lines and the ruffles of the sleeves enhances the elegant feeling. Love the clean structure of the pants too, which helps making the outfit more cohesive, both in style and appearance. What I like about sets are that they are very wearable as they require little or no styling. This is why owning at least one set can be a good idea, as you’ll have a wardrobe option that will make you look effortlessly chic without having to try too much. That’s especially true with a set like this as the print is kind of statement!

Fashionable Looks Spring 2019
Courtsey of Delpozo | Pre-Fall 2019

The Row

From maxi florals to organza life, this look from The Row spring 2019 is another fashionable outfit. I wrote about the transparent materials in this article and I think this tulle dress is a terrific example of how the trend can be done. Perhaps not for the everyday life, but the idea of layering your transparent dress with some casual pants and shoes is doable for sure! Might not be fully accomplishable to add a corset crop top to your dress as the final layer, but a large belt could be a good substitute. What I encourage you all to try though,  is to layer your dress over pants. It’s quite practical and often makes up for a fun contrast of opposing elements such as a delicate dress and edgy pants (e.g. jeans or leather pants). One way to make it more wearable, like in this outfit, is to keep the colors similar or matchy!

Fashionable Looks Spring 2019
Courtsey of The Row | Spring 2019

Johanna Ortiz

Perhaps sets are more wearable through the year, but a slip dress is undoubtedly a great go-to alternative as well. I love how flattering this one is with the golden yellow, the ruffles that adds some intensity and the draping that frames the body. Perhaps I’m even more in awe of the styling though, the matchy shoes are a genius choice! Both with the yellow shade but more so with the fabric that reconnects with the dress. As the hair is up and the shoulders are quite free, it’s a good thing to add some statement earrings as it makes the outfit more eventful. Not too sure about the bag though, it matches the earrings beautifully but a clutch would probably be a better alternative. Anyways, if there’s only one thing to be inspired by in this look, it’s the power of having at least one dress that suits you perfectly. It’ll never fail you!

Folks! Do you have a favorite from these fashionable looks spring 2019? Xx

Fashionable Looks Spring 2019
Courtsey of Johanna Ortiz | Resort 2019

14 thoughts on “Three Fashionable Looks Spring 2019

  1. Such beautiful selections here! I LOVE both the matching set and the slip dress, such vibrant and bold pieces that would be perfect for spring indeed. I notice that quite a few of the fall collections have more of a spring feel, too. I guess it’s to challenge one to step outside the box and not limit specific patterns and colors to a particular season? I like the idea of that concept, though it will take getting used to of course. After having baby #2, I can’t wait to explore bolder fashion choices again, since style choices can be a bit more constricting when pregnant. You don’t necessarily want to get the trendier pieces that you may not even fit into next week, haha. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous inspo and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, my friend!


    1. Haha I guess so? I’ve been borrowing so much inspiration from the fall collections for this spring. Hahah same with all the energetic colors that’s gonna be trendy this fall? Like yellow? Definitely ready to wear it now haha! Xx

  2. Hey Mia, how you doing? Hope you’re having a great time and that you’re enjoying the first days of this new season. As usual I’m eager to try new things and trends and to read your content 🙂

    I loved all these three proposals, but my favorite will always be Del Pozo. It is good to see that after Josep Font left the house, the brand is keeping the energy he put into its revival but with new horizons, especially experimenting with the shapes. Definitely the first brand that comes to my mind when I hear the word SPRING.

    All the best!

    1. Hey Pablo! Everything is fine with me! How are you? <3 Yes, I love what Delpozo is doing and happy that they've kept up the succesful style well! Xx

  3. I am such a fan of resort wear (really, me?! ;), so I am all for a little pre-fall talk. I am into all of these options – especially the slip dress. They’re so comfortable and you can wear almost whatever shoes you want – a win for me! Happiest Monday, Mia!


    1. Hahah knew I could count on you babe!! yup that slip dress is magical!! Xx

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