Three Easy Summer Makeup Looks

Earlier this summer we did a post on three summer makeup looks. We stated that poppin’ colors, liner and red lips, and also the no makeup makeup look are perfect go-to looks! But, makeup is kind of like fashion. You can take it anywhere. So we’ve listed three easy summer makeup looks below!


We love adding some gold to our lives, so why not opt for a bronzed look this summer? It’s kind of a fake tan but in a more low key, temporary way. A makeup look including bronzer is also favorable for freckles as they make them pop! We did a post on Three Ways To Use Bronzer a few weeks ago, and adored Margot Robbie’s bronzed look in Vogue. We also love the H&M makeup look below!

Smokey eye

Perhaps a smokey eye is not the easiest makeup look there is. But as with everything, there’s some tips that will make it as easy as one two three. Depending on your makeup level, beginning with bright shades are golden for newbies! As for the actual do? Follow these steps: 1. Do a liner around the eye, apply a brighter eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. 2. Do a darker eyeshadow from the middle of the eyelid and outwards. 3. And then blend. Blend the liner, blend the eyeshadows and blend to a smooth transition from the skin and the eyeshadow. (We’re totally making sense…right?!)

Colorful liner

You know that we love our liners, preferably black and dramatic. But (there’s always a but), it’s fun to change it every now and then. Changing your black liner to a colorful one is a fun makeup change for summer. Do one in blue, pink or orange. Whatever color that makes your eyes pop! We still remember Anna Sui’s makeup look a few years ago with a bold blue eyeliner, it got us feeling anything but blue! See our gallery below!

Folks, what are your best summer makeup looks?

88 thoughts on “Three Easy Summer Makeup Looks

  1. How fun is the colorful liner one! Though I don’t think Im brave enough…besides, I dont know how to apply eyeliner well! I definitely go with the bronzed one 😀


    Novelstyle Blog

  2. Ooo I’ve definitely been bronzing lately, but I have yet to try to coloured liner. I think a nice electric blue or dark purple may look nice in my waterline. Thanks for sharing and for the inspo, now I need to go play with my make up =)


  3. I love the idea of colorful liner for the summer! I think it makes the entire face pop and seem as if you’ve spent hours on the look, which takes almost no time to do!

    I’m also really into bronzing things up and keeping it simple. I love to swipe a bronze eyeshadow and tightline just a little with a dark bronze eyeshadow.

    Style Tomes

    1. It really does, and it makes such a great statement too and signals that you are rather fun and daring as you, after all, dare to pull off a colorful liner! And your makeup love sounds so chic love, so good to add a dark bronze eyeshadow! Xx

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