Three Dresses From Couture Spring 2019

Spring is in the air! Or spring is kind of in the air, at least today as I’ve decided to talk a bit about three dresses from couture spring 2019. These three dresses are all in one way or another a reflection of spring. They’re bright, popping, bouncy, colorful and cheerful. I think this is exactly the kind of fashion we need to be inspired by and reminded of. Just some dresses that are perfected in their execution and embodies a warmer and more cheerful season ahead. I love my winter fashion, don’t get me wrong, but even I start to long after the simple and uncomplicated fashion of spring. Without further ado, here are three dresses from couture spring 2019:

Givenchy Spring 2019

To start bright and happy, how adorable isn’t this yellow creation from Givenchy? Although I love the cuts of the dress and the voluminous silhouette I must say that I think the star of this outfit is the distinct yellow color. It adds a great vibration to the fabric and almost has a glowing light to it. The choice of going for a more sheer fabric for the maxi length keeps the dress light and more suitable for spring. I also appreciate the 3D florals that adds a nice texture to the dress and adds a dynamic level to the fabric. As the dress consist of so much fabric the florals keeps all the fabric interesting as something happens. Love the choice of makeup and hair too, as simple and fresh as it gets!

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Valentino Spring 2019

Continuing on the spring theme of florals and volume, this dress from Valentino is just exquisite. I like the color mix as pink, yellow and grey is quite a good combo. Grey keeps it pretty neutral whilst the pops of mainly yellow and pink adds a sophisticated energy. I think the volume is what matters in this creation. The spacious skirt and sleeves creates a heavy vibe which is favorably contrasted with the high waistline. Keeping the neck free from fabric also enhances the look and emphasizes the volume. I love the very style of the dress but do admit that it would be interesting to see this look in perhaps all red and a lace material. Just to play more with the dramatic silhouette and all the fabric. Read this article for the magical makeup looks of Valentino!

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Giambattista Valli Spring 2019

Now this creation of Giambattista Valli might be the very core of Valli’s couture creations. It’s fluffy, it’s bright and it has the characteristic layering of a short front part of the dress and a longer back. What I like extra about this look is the color but also the placement of the tulle. The top part kind of creates a floral effect which makes it look so delicate. It’s kind of like a dessert, a fashion dessert. I’m also very fond of the color, a dusty baby pink yet not too sweet. I’m sure this one will sooner or later be seen on the red carpet, if not – give it to me! 😉

Folks! Which one of these dresses from spring couture 2019 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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24 thoughts on “Three Dresses From Couture Spring 2019

  1. I have LOVED every single dress that’s come down the runway. They were out-of-the park creations and I felt SO in awe and inspired!! It just reminded me of why I love fashion so much. Can’t wait to see what NYC has in store for us -xo


  2. A fashion dessert, I love it! You are so right though, that dress NEEDS to make it to the red carpet. It is gorgeous. I love the yellow one too!

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