Three Chic Looks From The Resort Collections 2018

Let’s continue the weekend mood by getting a good dose of inspiration from the resort collections 2018! Not to confuse you with the insane pace of the fashion world but some of these collections were dropped about a year ago but are relevant today/around summer. I thought we’d do a mini-check up by going for three highlights from the resort collections 2018. Why do I like these look and what’s the secret? Well:

Resort Collections 2018

Alexander McQueen Resort 2018

I know this is my third time picking out an outfit from this AMQ collection, but there’s something with it that makes me come back to it over and over again. This specific outfit is both typical of the AMQ label’s regular style, but also one that works the trendy elements in an elegant, luxurious and edgy way. To start with, I like the transparent dress. Quite reminiscent of lingerie, but done in a more wearable way with the embroidery and the fall of the fabric. Now, this is perhaps not a look to recreate in your day to day life, but something to learn from this look is the styling. The balance of the different colors and materials is what elevates the dress. The heavy style of the necklace, gloves and shoes contrasts the light style of the fabric of the dress. The red in the dress is enhanced with the necklace, the gloves and the shoes. See where I’m going? The dress is in the center of the look, quite rightfully so, but is lifted up by the accessories. Translate this to your own wardrobe by picking out a main item and think how you can make it pop. Either by enhancing the color/s, or contrasting it with other materials, prints and shades. Catch the full collection here.Resort Collections 2018

Courtsey of Alexander McQueen | Resort 2018

Giorgio Armani Resort 2018

If you don’t like the print of the top, don’t worry, neither do I. But the rest of the outfit plus the styling is too good to ignore. There’s mainly one thing in this outfit that makes it stand out among others and that’s how the different colors are balanced. See how the colors of the sleeve of the top also can be found in the skirt, bag and the shoes? That’s how you neutralize a “colorful” outfit by re-using the colors. By seeing the contrast of a lighter green and black repeatedly in the outfit, you make the harsh contrast of the colors much lighter and more insignificant. The second color balance is the red and yellow that’s in the center of the top and also the color combination for the earrings, as well as red for the lips.

Now, red, yellow, a light green and black doesn’t necessarily sound like a perfected color combination yet they all work in the same outfit. How? Well, they operate in different parts of the outfit. They are fairly enough blended together in the top, but except that, the green and black goes for the waist and down whilst the red and yellow goes from the waist and up (more or less). That’s how you color clash in one outfit and do so in a wearable way. Definitely one thing to try home asap! Catch the full collection here.

Resort Collections 2018

Courtsey of Giorgio Armani | Resort 2018

Lanvin Resort 2018

Yikes, I know I’ve already included this Lanvin resort 2018 look in an earlier post but can we just go back to it please? This might be one of my favorite looks from the entire resort 2018 collections as it’s just perfect top to toe (or not the shoes btw, I would’ve preferred a pair in gold, either completely flat or higher heels). The luxurious look of the print and gold, with the matte black collar and hemline is just magical. The crispy white shirt that contrasts the heavy suit and the simple black bow to top the look? Magical! I think the success in this outfit lies within mainly two things. First of all, the balance of only three colors. Can you see a fourth color making an entrance and do so unquestionably? Neither can I (perhaps a forest green but yeah, that would be it). It’s mainly the warm gold that needs the balance of the black and white and not a fourth element. A second thing about this look is the placement of the black lines. By the ankles, by the collar of the blazer and also in the bow. The black lines makes a harsh, but necessary contrast to the flowy pattern of the flowers. It sort of frames the outfit in the most favorable way. Talk about being about the details, but oh so good! Catch the full collection here.

Folks! Which one of these looks from the resort collections 2018 is your favorite or do you have another gem? Let’s chat in the comments!

Resort Collections 2018

Courtsey of Lanvin | Resort 2018

32 thoughts on “Three Chic Looks From The Resort Collections 2018

  1. I love the various suits that I keep seeing and Lanvin really did do such a great job on the latest collection. I actually don’t mind the print in the top for Armani but only because the styling and outfits get pulled together so nicely. I am not a fan of just the top alone though, as you had said. Love the recap!
    Have a wonderful week!


    1. Hahah well same here! Or I don’t like it that much at all, but I enjoy it more as the styling is so good! Xx

  2. Hi Mia, hope you’re having a nice week!
    I must admit that this season I did not follow much the resort collections for work issues, so it has helped me a lot to have a synopsis of the best looks in your blog (I saw the Chanel cruise, but they are always news, I wonder what will be the next thing that Karl Lagerfeld will try to put in the Grand Palais, haha, a Roman Coliseum maybe?).
    I like all the looks but I like to see that Armani is going, step by step, adding more colors and playing with more vibrant and flashing materials, I use to associate this fashion house with another kind of elements (more serious and stern) but I like the change they are trying to implement!
    Best and thanks for your constant support 😀

    1. Hahah yes we’ll see when I have time to summarize the resort collections for 2019, I think I’ll wait a bit longer when more collections have been dropped. But yes, feels like Armani finally dares to be more bold and step away from the regular classic looks! Xx

  3. Omg the Giorgio Armani resort collection looks are so damn beautiful! I’ve noticed a lot of consumer friendly brands are already pulling out similar looks and inspiration from these looks. I so love the direction style has been looping around recently.

    1. Hahah well that’s usually how it goes! Easy for us when we need it budget-friendly! Xx

  4. That first one is my favourite, especially as it’s an Alexander McQueen. I adore the look, as it’s so unique and yet really pretty and it comes together. I love the mixture of patterns and textures.

    Have a great week!

    Amy; Wandering Everywhere

    1. Yesss! I published it today. Hahah so cute for thinking about me 😉 Xx

  5. Oh, you’re totally putting Lanvin back on my radar right now. I’d completely forgotten just how special the designs can be! Like you, I’m also loving the attention to detail, right down to the black bands above the ankles. And don’t even get me started on that deep bronze shade…. x

    1. Hahah I know! Lanvin is really a good one and the level of details in the outfit is just genius! Xx

  6. I am definitely partial to Giorgio Armani Resort collection! The bright colors and styles seem very wearable to me!

  7. I absolutely love the way you’ve broken down the styling techniques you’ve picked up that were used in these looks. All of which are easy enough to use in creating out own outfits. They’re also great, fool proof ways anyone can begin to try their hands at pattern mixing or using colors without feeling intimidated. Out of the three, I’m most drawn to the first two; I’d love to wear both! Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



    1. Hahah well you know me babe! Always analyzing the styling and how it’s done and why 😉 Xx

    1. Hahah that’s great though! I know, I adore the patterned suit!! Xx

  8. Your Resort picks indeed are très chic Mia! This Armani combo is very stylish and so much fun to wear, that’s why it’s my favourite. I totally love printed items, they make such an amazing statement. Happy week babe

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

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