The Ultimate Fall Colors 2021

Folks! Can we talk a bit about the ultimate fall colors 2021? I have three colors in specific that I’m crushing on a bit extra at the moment. Find more about fall fashion in specific here. 

Ultimate Fall Colors 2021


I wrote about these two colors in this trend alert, but let’s talk a bit more about these colors. They’re just perfect for a beige/brown color scale, but also superb with the other fall colors. I also think that they’re interesting with pastels, especially if you go for a more retro fashion. I can definitely see some lavender with a copper shade or a baby yellow with the orange. 

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Dove Blue

Dove blue is another gem for fall, mainly because it contrasts the fall colors so well. I love dove blue with a navy blue, or with an orange hue. Dove blue also works well with brown and beige, two really popular colors this fall. Perfect accessory hue if you ask me. 

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Emerald Green

Emerald green is such a luxe color, and works so well in so many contexts. I love it when paired with statement textures such as satin, faux fur or knitwear. Emerald green is a gem with a baby pink but also a burnt orange. It’s actually probably one of the most wearable non-basic colors. 

Folks! What are your favorite colors fall 2021?

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fall Colors 2021

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re having a lovely season! Are you enjoying autumn? I hope so!

    Thank you so much for always providing us trend reports in many ways: colors, accessories, beauty, etc. This one really fascinated me since I am obsessed with colors and the use of colors, well as a graphic designer but also as a fashion enthusiast.

    I loved all the options and I think I have one of each, but that Cooper is so dreamy that I wouldn’t mind to pick another piece in this tone. I loved that autumn is going beyond the usual tones and that the latest trend reports are including more colorful options to bright up the grey days!

    All the best and thanks for your latest comment on my blog post!

    1. Same here, I just looove colors and to mix and match them! Agreed that copper is such a gem for fall, and I too would love to expand the use of it. Such a stylish and rich color! Xx

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