The History Of Eyelashes

Is something truly as flirtatious as long and dark eyelashes? Boy’ do we know that they certainley have had their moments in history through time. Folks? This is the history of eyelashes!

Eyelashes through Historyhistory of eyelashes

Eyelashes have throughout history always been quite the statement and a sign of beauty. Even in the early years of ancient Egypt did people lengthen their eyelashes, including the men. The using of Kohl, or mascara, to create darker and fuller eyelashes have been more or less consistent. With exception from the medieval time where bright eyelashes and brows were enhanced. During the 20th century, the fashion of the eyelashes changed rapidly from full and natural eyelashes of the 1950’s to the artificial look of Twiggy’s eyelashes in the 1960’s.

Power Of Eyelashes

But the power of eyelashes extends beyond being a beauty trait. Eyelashes have for long also been associated with flirting and femininity. You’re probably familiar with the old tips of flirting with your eyelashes (though, we do prefer doing it with the brain, but you know). As for femininity, dashing and intensified eyes are a classic go-to when doing your makeup. As people might see it as a trait of frivolity, we do know that an intense glare definitely can get things done, so we’ll call it the power of eyelashes for sure! 

Eyelashes today

The most common ideal today is long and dark eyelashes, a feature that for long has been identified as beauty according to society. As the beauty market develops parallelly to the ideals, there are endless of options on how to achieve long and full lashes. One of the most common product to use is mascara, but also false lashes and extensions as well! Even though black and brown are the most popular colors to apply on your eyelashes, more poppin’ colors as blue, pink and green gets more and more common as a fun addition to the normality.

history of eyelashes

80 thoughts on “The History Of Eyelashes

  1. How interesting! I’m not surprised to hear eyelashes have long been associated with flirtation and femininity – that goes a long way in explaining the popularity of false lashes!

  2. What an interesting post! Eyelashes really do open up our eyes and I see the total importance of them. I just wish I was one of those people who were born with long thick lashes, I guess this is what we all strive for lol

    Stacey |

  3. I love to put bleu mascara in the summer or spring it’s so much fun! I truly believe that you can only have mascara on and look well put together. Eyelashes can easily take you from 1 to 100!


    Tamara –

    1. They’ve been a beauty trait for so long, and so easy to believe that we’re the first with something. But kind of cool that we share some of the same beauty values as the old egyptians! Xx

  4. Seriously, eyelashes are amazing and it is no surprise that it has been a sign of beauty for a long time. That’s all I care about. I rarely put on make up, and if I do, mascara is my go to. I love making mine look full!

  5. Cool post!!! I love that quote meme… SO FUNNY!!
    I agree that eyelashes are both fem and flirty! I don’t wear mascara… my hair is dark, and so are my eyelashes… so it seems pointless. For like 5 minutes in HS I wore clear mascara… and that also seemed pointless… so I actually don’t wear it or do anything to my eyelashes! I’ve tried falsies a few times though, those are FUN!

    All the Cute ?
    Today’s Post: Alena’s Style: Blue Florals…

    1. Hahah right, it’s such a good one?! And lovely that you’re blessed with great eyelashes, must be so comfy to skip the smudgy eyes and mess mascara makes! And yes, falsies are fun to play around with! Xx

  6. Such an interesting read! It seems that a lot of our beauty and makeup practices hold its origins in Egypt! If I don’t wear mascara, I feel naked, haha. I have smaller eyes as it is, so if I miss this step, I can easily look tired. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. They do indeed! So weird how some of the most common things for us are actually over thousand years old! Hahah and yes, mascara definitely makes a change in your makeup and how you feel about yourself, such a genius but simple makeup hack! Xx

  7. I didn’t know that even men lengthened/darkened their lashes long ago, how interesting! I’m always wanting to make mine look longer and fuller!

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