The Fashion Weeks And Trends Of The Year

Folks! There’s some ongoing confusion on which fashion week that connects with which season and trends. So I thought I’d use today’s post to make that clearer and also give you all a chance to catch up on all the trends and and runway shows happening. It’s a mess, I know,  but let’s save the madness for another article! Here are the fashion weeks and the trends of the year:

The Fashion Weeks Of The Year | The Fashion Folks

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The Fashion Weeks

The fashion weeks are happening twice a year. One time in February/March and one time in September/October. That’s when talking about the biggest four weeks which are; New York, London, Milan and Paris. In February/March we see the trends for the upcoming fall/winter season. In September/October we see the trends for the upcoming spring/summer season. It might sound confusing why designers display their collections six months before they hit the stores, but the fashion weeks are not really for the public. It’s for the industry. Magazines, buyers and other influential people in the fashion world that needs to know what will be trending in advance. You can’t see what clothes you should purchase for your store the same day people want to buy the clothes, right? You need some months to prepare, order and do! That’s why the fashion weeks become sort of a sneak peek of what styles will be trending.

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Fall/Winter 2017/18

The fall/winter 2017/18 season (aka FW17) is the one that is happening right now. The trending styles were shown in February/March. Here you can catch the full hashtag on all the posts I’ve done on the season, or find some in the list below. Some of the trend reports might have been written in March, but are for the FW17 seasons, which is now. I also did two extra trend reports in August to prepare for the fall season!

The Fashion Weeks

The Trend Reports

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Spring/Summer 2018

This is what the past fashion weeks have been all about, the spring/summmer 2018 season (aka SS18). What trends will we be working next spring/summer season? Though some of the smaller fashion weeks began showing in August, it’s still about next year’s fashion trends and not what’s happening at the moment. It’s a nice extension of the summer months as you’ll be seeing what you’ll wear in a few months time. To be noted though is that the trends are often connected from season to season. Red for instance has been a huge trend this fall and will continue being so next year too. The difference isn’t that big. 

The Fashion Weeks

The Trend Report


Folks! I hope I made it a bit clearer on what is what and why so! I know it’s a mess to have so many fashion weeks and trends and clothes and an insane cycle of wear and waste. But that topic is up for discussion in other posts! Have a lovely Tuesday, Xx

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24 thoughts on “The Fashion Weeks And Trends Of The Year

  1. I swear, it took me a couple of years to really memorize the fashion calendar. It seems like more and more labels are ditching it though, which I love. It’s almost like the beginning of a fashion revolution!

    1. Hahah same here though! But yes, hopefully. Can’t keep up with so many collections! Xx

  2. You make a good point about the Fashion Weeks being for the industry; including other influential people in the fashion world – I’ve loved seeing the upcoming trends via Insta Stories of my fave bloggers eg. Carodaur. Thanks for the detailed look at why the structure is…. how it is!! 🙂

    1. Yes! Such a great way to give the public an insight about fashion week. Love the power of social media! Xx

  3. I actually really appreciate this post, hun, I always get really confused with all the different fashion events and to be honest, your lovely blog is my main source of knowledge when it comes to this stuff so I’m always very happy to educate myself more! 🙂 I can definitely see red being a big trend this autumn, it’s really everywhere and I love it! Thanks for sharing lovely and I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. xoxo


    1. Glad you liked it babe, it can be so so confusing indeed! And happy that you enjoy what I do hun! Xx

  4. I’m sort of proud of myself for knowing which fashion shows are for which seasons! I must be keeping up with your articles 😉 It can definitely be confusing though and I have to admit that I sometimes forget what the trends are once the actual season rolls around. PS: Is it strange that I totally love those orange OTK boots?! Sign me up plz xx

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