Highlights From the Fashion Weeks Fall 2018 – Part 1

Folks! As I’ve told you earlier, I have a lot of individual looks from the collections of the fashion weeks fall 2018, that I’d like to highlight and talk a bit about. To avoid this post getting way too long, I thought of dividing it into a series of three to four different parts. Here’s part 1 of the highlights from the fashion weeks fall 2018! And ohhh, catch all the other fashion week-related posts here.

Highlights Fashion Weeks Fall 2018

Elie Saab Spring 2019

Many of you know that I’m a big fan of mixing prints with each other and I think this look from Elie Saab spring 2019 shows how this can be done in the most stylish way. Although the three prints used are quite similar, if not different parts of the same print, the thing that binds them together is the use of the same color. It creates a more cohesive look which makes it more wearable. That’s why my ultimate tips when pairing prints is to choose one in similar colors. Another thing done well in the look is the balance of the three different elements. The semi-pleated skirt adds some volume whilst the tight boots contrasts it. The college sweater looks rather casual and is a nice match with the more preppy skirt. This look feels contemporary and upbeat! Catch the collection here.

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2019

Fashion dreams are apparently yellow, because this look from Marc Jacobs is just ah-dorable! The 1960s look of the yellow (rain)coat in combination with the scarf is just everything I wish fashion was about this moment. It’s sweet, it’s vintage, it’s refined and it feels rather fresh after seasons of the 1980s and 1990s. The oversized collar and buttons of the coat adds a subtle playfulness, which suits the slightly oversized style of the coat. I must say though that I’m not too keen on the accessories with this look (except the scarf). The grey shoes are okay but not ultimate to the outfit. Would’ve been more fun with lavender colored shoes or white ones to keep it neutral. The gloves are a great idea, but would’ve preferred them matching the shoes. The bag itself is also okey, but quite boring compared to the rest of the outfit. A tan colored one in a fun shape would be more interesting. Well well, the rest of the look is super fine! See the collection here.

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Mary Katrantzou Spring 2019

I love this dress from Mary Katrantzou. The patchwork look is starting to grow in popularity and if you ask me, I think it will only continue to grow. The idea of framing the flowers in black and white, keep it semi-transparent in between, enhances the effect of the pattern which works really well. It looks like tiny polaroid pictures together, which is quite cool! The cutout top gives a more contemporary look as it feels sporty and adds a more sharp feeling which balances the style of the vintage flowers. I also think the choice of shoes are fun, though perhaps not the most wearable ones, but a bit quirky! Catch the collection here.

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Valentino Spring 2019

And to sum up part 1, I of course have to include at least one delicate look. And who else is there to turn to if not Valentino? I mean, doesn’t this dress just look like a divine pastry or so? The sheer lace, the mint green color, the glitter, the layering, the delicate collar – are all factors that are done so well. It’s undoubtedly one of those pieces that requires little styling, if any. It just shines so well on its own that you don’t want to interfere with its vibe. I would however pick another pair of shoes (haha I have a shoe problem apparently). I’d do them mint green in a velvet material with a pointy look and stiletto heels. Perhaps with some lacing or a bow to frame the refined feeling. Or, I could see this be paired with OTK gladiator sandals, or lacing, in mint green. That would be pretty cool too! Catch the collection here.


Folks! Which one of these highlights from the fashion weeks fall 2018 part 1 is your favorite? Let’s discuss in the comments below! Xx

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16 thoughts on “Highlights From the Fashion Weeks Fall 2018 – Part 1

  1. Oooh I am LOVING that Elie Saab! Florals are always super stunning, and I like the way they’re matched together.
    Have a great week 🙂
    Amy x wandering-everywhere.com

  2. Loving these spring collections! All the floral prints are so pretty. I think Elie Saab is my fav one, but I find myself saying that a lot whenever I visit your amazing fashion week summaries! Something about that style really speaks to me. Thanks so much for sharing, beaut. <3 xoxo


  3. Completely with you with regard to the shoes worn at Valentino; they seem to clash in a way? Although having said that, Valentino will always win us over, right?! haha 🙂 Love that you chose to include a ‘delicate’ option in this highlights list babe!

    aglassofice.com x

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