The Fashion Folks – 5 Years

I haven’t been too good in the past to highlight the “anniversary” of The Fashion Folks, but the fact of the matter is that today is five years ago since I published the first article. Over a thousand articles have been published since, on various topics: trends, styling, fashion history, makeup, collections, skincare and more. Through writing about all these subjects, I’ve learned a lot about how fashion works. As an industry, but also as an aesthetic element. My relation to fashion has changed through this in various ways, and I’m grateful for all the insights and knowledge I’ve gained by writing about fashion, researching fashion and talking fashion with you. 

I don’t know if there will be another five years with this site. I’ve never been too good at thinking about its future, or setting specific goals. I just had this idea for a long time to write about fashion and share my perspective of it, and that’s what I’ve been doing since I started The Fashion Folks five years ago. Of course, I’ve been having ideas of what I want to write more about and what I want to write less about, but more than anything, I’ve had this unsettling feeling that I just have to write. A feeling that has led to over thousand articles, some great, some terrible and a lot in between. This same feeling has also been the birthplace of a project I’ve been working on for a while now, a project that intends to expand The Fashion Folks into something more, but more about that later. 

I still have this feeling that I need to write, not because I know where it’s gonna lead, but because I know I just have to. And I want to keep writing until I feel satisfied, but what that feeling looks like or when that day will come — I don’t know. It might be next week, in a few months or in a few years. Maybe never. But until then, I intend to write. I intend to explore, analyze, research and share my view on fashion. And from this five mark, I intend to write more about styling and less about trends. More about the history of fashion and less about consumption. More about sustainable fashion and less about fast fashion. 

In, I suppose, celebration of these five years, I’ve compiled some of the most read, beloved, and fun articles I’ve published. As always, click the images to get to the articles. And if there’s any type of article you want to see more of, or articles you want to see less of, let me know. The Fashion Folks would be terribly boring without you readers and blog friends who comment. You are magical. 

Thank you for these five years that’s been, here’s to the future to come!
Mia, Xx

8 thoughts on “The Fashion Folks – 5 Years

  1. Hey Mia, hope you’re doing great!

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS FOR THESE FIVE YEARS! It is easy to say five years but after you see all the work behind and the hours you have invested, you became conscious of all the effort that a project like this needs and that’s truly amazing!

    Being honest, The Fashion Folks is one of my favorite place on the internet to check fashion content. I totally relate with you, my idea of fashion has changed during all these years, so finding information in your blog is always refreshing, love how you pick the topics, the trends and the collections.

    I hope you can be here for at least more 5 years, or even more or turn your platform into something more complex…. who knows!!

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words Pablo! I read your comment with the biggest smile, thank you!! Yes, it’s crazy to think about how much time I spent on this website, but also why not? Hahah, and yes, let’s cross our fingers that the next chapter will be just as magical or more! Xx

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