Textures To Try For Fall 2017

Not sure if there’s a more fitting season to play with textures if not for fall. Summer and spring is usually way too hot and winter is too cold with the constant urge to just hide under an oversized jacket. Fall is ultimate with its chill, but not too cold, temperatures where layered outfits gives you the ultimate opportunity to play with the contrasts of texture. Here’s a minor reminder of  textures to try for fall!

Textures To Try Fall 2017 - The Fashion Folks

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Is denim ever out of fashion? No. But is denim more suited for some seasons? Yes! Fall is a favorable season to choose the beloved material. A denim jacket works well as a layering piece and denim (both the darker and lighter colors) are a genius match with the typical fall colors. A pair of bootcut or 70s are also chic with the fall fashion of the clumsy heels and boots that often are trending. Not to forget, denim is a perfect match with the other textures listed in this post. Ohh, also: denim on denim! Is there a better way of going for the Canadian tuxedo than a pair of the 70s and a matching denim shirt? Nope, don’t think so!

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Leather (faux)

Leather is another material that peaks during fall. A chic and basic leather jacket is pretty much a staple in every other fashionista’s wardrobe. Same goes for accessories as a leather bag, shoes, gloves and belts. The material comes off as rather edgy which makes it ultimate to contrast with more light, sophisticated materials. Like all the fall dresses and tunics in flowy styles? They’re perfect to layer under a chic leather jacket. For fall 2017 in specific, the shearling jackets are trending big time!

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Knitted pieces for fall is kind of compulsory when it comes down to it. Has anyone ever survived a fall without a knitted sweater, vest, scarf etc? Think not! The knitted pieces are not only warm and cozy, they come in whatever style you prefer. Knitted pieces, especially sweaters and vests, are also favorable to layer with their loose and often oversized style. Go for a buttoned shirt under and a knitted sweater. Or a shirt, a leather jacket and a knitted vest over? The options are endless!

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Fur (faux)

The texture of fur, in whatever fabricated style of fur, is often a statement one! A fur vest or jacket will not only add fun volume but also add the cozy level. Go for a fur piece in a neutral color or one in the fall shades to keep the style classic or fall themed. Since the texture is rather fluffy, it can be a wise idea to balance the volume with defined lines. A fedora hat is a great example, that suits the fall style too! A chic pair of bootcut jeans or OTK boots will also do!

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Folks! Which one (or all of them) of these textures to try for fall would you like to embrace? Are you going layering with all or staying true to one statement? Xx

50 thoughts on “Textures To Try For Fall 2017

    1. I love corduroy too, it’s a fun one that’s began to pop up. Kind of following the 90s wave, don’t you think?! Xx

  1. Yayyy for autumn!! My favourite season, and knitted clothes are literally my favourite thing to wear! 🙂 I think I have more jumpers in my wardrobe than anything, I mean how can you not love them – they’re comfortable, cute and just so awesome all around! Perhaps I should try out some faux leather this season, it’s something I tend to stay away from but it does look pretty fab. 🙂 xoxo


    1. Knitted clothes are just the best though hahah, and I have quite the amount of the sweaters too. They’re just that cozy!! Xx

  2. I love thinking about all the cozy textures for the fall! I want to get all the chunky sweaters and buttery leather jackets… And denim is always my favorite!!

  3. Love this post! Knit and faux fur is always my favourite textures for fall, but I think denim would be a fun switch up for a change!

  4. I LOVE texture! I need all the knitwear and faux fur I can get my hands on ASAP. I’ll be layering those all Fall and Winter, for sure. Have a lovely new week Mia!


  5. You’ve basically taken inventory of my fall wardrobe, lol! I love and have everything you’ve mentioned here and honestly can’t wait to get styling. It’s funny because at the tail end of each season, I’m so done with it and ready for the next; I have way too many outfits in my head that need to actually be worn. Have you ever felt that way?! I’m loving that denim is trending more this season, I want to add in some new styles to up my game a bit. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!



    1. Hahah same her gurl! I’m feeling quite stressed about all the outfits I’ve planned to wear. Hahah not enough time! Xx

  6. Oh, I have been loving fur recently, but it’s impossible to wear in Finland! So I might stick with leather and knit. They keep me so warm in these cold days in here. Such a classics too!

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