Terrible Fashion Trends Past And Present

I do realize that I started The Fashion Folks with the intention of discussing and dissecting fashion in a more societal, cultural and artsy way, and here I am – rambling about terrible fashion trends. But quite the way to start the Stories series again, right? I talked about the cringeworthy 2000s in this blog post a few months ago, which honestly gave way for countless of ideas of posts where I shade terrible fashion trends (don’t even get me started on the fur slippers of today, lol). Here are 4 terrible fashion trends past and present. (I could have gone with 50 but it would be Friday by the time we all had finished reading it).

terrible fashion trends past and present - The Fashion Folks | Corsets, pigeon blouse, cargo pants, velour set

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Well obviously corsets were a bad idea to begin with. It wasn’t only bad, it was terrible as it lasted hundreds and hundreds of years and defied body limits for millions of women. I’m not saying that corsets are the cause of the inequality through history (and today), but it sort of post-poned the process. How were women even to begin to fight for their rights when their organs were pressed together to a point where it caused medical issues? The corsets undoubtedly emphasized women’s duty of refined appearance before intellect, representation over action.

One thing in specfic about corsets from past, is that a loosely tightened corset was a sign of loose morals. “Loose clothes, loose morals” were kind of a thing. So yes, imagine ladies of the upper class at a ball gossiping about someone’s values of life depending on how tight one’s corset was? Like: the less you’re able to breathe the better the values *insert wtf emoji here*.

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Velour Jogging Suits

I blame the early 2000s for this fashion disaster. Velour jogging suits in colorful shades might be a comfy go-to option for the lazy fashion one works at home, but velour sets are not fashion fetch happening for the street style life.  If you’re going for a modern velour set as a comfy piece, fine, but someone should apologize (I blame you Juicy Couture) for the fashion statement celebrities made during the 00s on the red carpet. Often accompanied with a designer bag and a cap which was not the cherry on top, but the top of cringe.

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Cargo pants

Okey, fine, all cargo pants aren’t to be blamed for this. But that late 1990s style and early 2000s style of cargo pants aren’t anywhere near to be flattering. Oversized, loose cargo pants sounds like an attempt to defy all fashion rules there is. Like, balance in a clothing piece and not go statement material, statement silhouette and statement size all in one. The very not so stylish shades of red, yellow or turquoise colors that were trending aren’t contributing to the chic factor either. And don’t even get me started on cargo pants with kitten heels, someone should apologize!

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The Pigeon Chest

Of all the things one can be inspired by from nature, why one earth did the late 19th/early 20th century people think that a pigeon would do as a silhouette for women? Well, so was the matter and so was also the fact of a quite specific style. The enhancement of the voluminous chest, similar to the one of a pigeon, was further stressed with a thin waist and a voluminous butt (enhanched with. This made women look like they were in a permanent “leaning forward” posture which yet is to be examined why it was considered stylish. Then again though, we’ll probably question our non-existing silhouette of today one day too.

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Folks! Which one is your “favorite” from the terrible fashion trends past and present? It’s okey to just shade the early 2000s fashion as a whole, it’s that cringeworthy, ops! But hey, let’s chat in the comments! Xx

28 thoughts on “Terrible Fashion Trends Past And Present

  1. Aw, I love a good corset lol! They’re completely impractical and that’s what makes them special! Really though, I completely agree with the rest of these. I have such a hard time believing that the pigeon chest was real. I mean, obviously it was, but it’s just too ridiculous. Also, I don’t care what anyone tries to say about velour tracksuits making a comeback; I want them far away from me.


    1. Hahah you do have a point! Right? The pigeon chest should be questioned. Hahah the s-silhouette just look insane. Hahah I second that! Xx

    1. Corset every now and then can surely be fine if a person chooses it, so definite agreement. The societal structure and pressure behind it surely contributes to why corsets are a terrible fashion trend! Xx

    1. Haha I guess they are, but fashion over comfort is sometimes necessary, haha sort of! Xx

    1. Hahah it’s just something else when done wrong. Love it otherwise, or kind of, but not as jogging suit! Xx

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